Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wooden Spoon Herb Markers

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you are having a great week. 
One of my favourite things about this time of year 
is the ability to grow fresh herbs.  I don't know what it is about the 
smell of fresh herbs that sends me into a culinary frenzy. 

As a young child, I remember my Grandmother asking my 
brother and I to go to her garden and pick some fresh mint, 
cilantro or other herbs that she would let us toss into her cooking. 

But I specifically remember picking mint and dipping 
it into the sugar bowl while no one was looking. 
In my young mind, it was a brilliant way to make 'gum'. 

Every year as we venture into the garden centre 
to buy herbs and other plants, the smell of mint takes 
me right back into my Grandmother's garden.
And every year, the kiddies and I pick little leaves off the plants 
and rub them between our finger tips to guess their scent.  
This year, we discovered a new herb; well, new to us anyway.  The curry plant. 

I was fascinated by its beautiful appearance and strong scent.  
As we played the 'guess that herb game', our middle son said 
'it smells like deviled eggs'.  He was partially right as I do add a pinch of 
curry powder to our deviled eggs per hubby's late Nana's recipe. 

The wooden spoons as herb markers are a twist on the 
traditional embossed silver spoon.  I stamped them with permanent 
marker ink by simply rubbing the tip of the marker over the stamp. 

Speaking of permanent marker, this is how I marked them 
last year.  Is this not the easiest way to mark your plants?

I can't wait to start making delicious salads using my fresh herbs. 

Have a beautiful day! 

much love,

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  1. Bello questo post ...anche io amo le erbe aromatiche, adoro il the alla menta ed è bello insegnare ai bambini ,fin da piccoli, il loro nome e profumo...Buona Giornata

  2. Those are just darling. I am pinning:)

  3. can you share your source for the wooden spoons and show a pic of your "marker & ink"? i've been wanting to make some of these and would love to know more how to do it.


  4. So sweet! My mint is doing great but somehow i killed my basil :)

  5. LOVE your markers! The smell of mint always takes me back to my grandma too... she has a row of it growing alongside the back patio. I've been cooking with our herbs all week... yum!

  6. Adorable. Could you please let us know where to order the spoons and also what marker you used. Thanks so much.

  7. This are darling! Can you share where you got the spoons from?~~Angela

  8. This is my first visit to the Craftberry Bush...coming over from Stone Gable's party... I love the name of your creative! The wooden spoon stakes for your herbs are also very creative. So, naturally, I had to become a follower....via GCF and invite you to visit my blog in return.


  9. Where can I get those wonderful little wooden spoons?

    1. Hi Cindy and all who inquired....the spoons were purchased from is the link...xo

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