Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

While dining out with my sisters and mom last week, one of my sisters ordered rice paper wraps, or Vietnamese Spring rolls.  I had tasted them a long time ago, but had forgotten how delicious they were. 

They are so easy to make and you can dress them any way you want using whatever ingredients you may have at home.  From shrimp to chicken breast to crab, or just vegetables.

I used carrots, cucumber, avocado, fresh mint, herbs, crab, salad greens (or mesclun) and Vermicelli (or rice noodles). 

Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls 
- Prepare ingredients ahead of time and set aside 
- In a large frying pan or large bowl  place 2" of  warm water
- Dip rice paper rolls into warm water, making sure entire surface is covered
- Promptly remove from water (if you leave the wrap in the water for too long, the wraps become very fragile and will rip or fold and stick to itself) 
- Place softened wrap on cutting board or plate

- Place ingredients in the centre, making sure to lay the rice paper at the top 1/3 so that you have plenty of surface area left to roll (do not over-stuff your roll; start small then continue to add more fillings)
- Fold sides towards the centre
- Start to slowly roll wrap away from you
- Cut in half or leave as is 
Note: Traditional Vietnamese rolls have vermicelli or rice noodles.  Cook according to package instructions.  I like the additional texture it provides.

Cilantro Lime Dipping Sauce 
-  juice of one lime
- 2 tablespoons cilantro
- 1 minced garlic clove
- 1 teaspoon of rice vinegar
- 1 teaspoon of oyster sauce
- 1 teaspoon of sweet chili sauce 

Mix all of the ingredients together and place in small dipping bowl. 

These are so fresh and delicious and I love their versatility.  Yum.  Hope you give it a try! 

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  1. Wow this looks so tasty! And pretty easy to make! Might try to make this this weekend as a healty snack.

  2. nhamnhammnhammm...deve ser uma delícia!!!!

  3. Looks delicious....and healthy! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  4. These looks delicious! It is always so funny to me how things are different in different places {soda vs. pop, etc}. Here in Northern VA, those are summer rolls and the spring rolls are crispy!

    Can't wait to try these and the dipping sauce which sounds awesome!

  5. Lucy- Those sound wonderful- I have never had them and I WILL give them a try- xo Diana

  6. These not only look Delicious but they also look BEAUTIFUL!! You presented them extremely well so much so it looks like Magazine/Food article. Love it, Lucy!!

  7. These look so good. My favourite Vietnamese restaurant back home called them "salad rolls" and they had shrimp in them. I loved them. I'm going to try to make my own - then when I have a craving for them I can do something about it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. These look amazing! Pinning so I can remember to make them.


  9. I love spring rolls and have never made them homemade! You make it look so simple and delicious! Found your blog off foodgawker and am so happy I did! :)

  10. I make these with just veggies and make a peanut dipping sauce. I love these, so fresh and crunchy inside with the veggies.


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