Spring arrangement….

The snow is falling once again, quickly covering the streets and rooftops in our city.  Tomorrow, the massive white blanket will spread across the fields crushing any hopes of an early Spring.  

But while the snow falls outside, and winter overstays its welcome, I will smell my beautiful Hyacinths and wait patiently for Spring to arrive.  It is after all a February day in Canada.  

Have a beautiful day! 

much love,

One of the more commonly asked questions I receive is how my photos appear to be bright even during these gray winter days.  Truth is, I prefer darker days as I find the exposure easier to control, but here is a link to an earlier post about lighting that I hope will be helpful.  Note: the photos above were taken during a sunny afternoon, and are a little overexposed for my liking :( 


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    What a lovely vignette, Lucy! I love how you decorated the birdcage. I have a big one in our sunroom that I am going to have to do more with other than just a bird nest with eggs. If you don’t look out the window at the snow, you might be able to convince yourself that Spring is not far off. : ) We are expecting a little bit later today, too. Hopefully it won’t hang around long.

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    My daughter and I are loving the beauty you share in these last two posts. Darling painting and sweet spring arrangements! It’s nice to see harbingers of spring Somewhere… since my own world is still blanketed with snow and dripping with icicles. Lovely lovely. Lynaea @ EverydayBloom.com

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