A peek into my sketchbook – a giant Blue Jay feather

watercolor 11 x 15
me:I have always wanted a feather collection.
Isabella: “I have a feather collection.
me: “You do?”
Isabella:Yes, but I don’t have a Blue Jay feather, I think their feathers are stuck on really well because I have never seen one on the ground.” 

Little moments that remind me how precious and innocent a child’s mind is.  I wish she would stay little forever but alas, she keeps growing. 

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much love,


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    You are one talented girl:)! Just beautiful Lucy! I used to paint myself but it has been a WHILE, you have been inspiring me to start again. Don’t you just LOVE those conversations, so special:). Have a good one! Jen

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    Oh. my. goodness. That feather is positively amazing! I thought it was real in the first photo!! Stunning Lucy! Truly a fantastic job. I love the dialogue with your little one too. My daughter is about to turn two and I’m honestly so sad because it’s going much to fast to suit me! She’s so adorable right now!! Thank you for sharing this inspiring art! Hugs, Jennifer

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