I’ve been looking forward to today all week.
 I’ve finally found some time to come and visit you
but before I do, let me share a bit of my week…

After a tough weekend, I wanted to cheer the kiddies up and painted some minion pumpkins from the Despicable Me movie.

This Halloween has been a little different as I have actually done a bit of Halloween decorating and have enjoyed the process.  So much so that I participated in a mini haunted house tour with Kelly from Eclectically Vintage and Jennifer Rizzo.  What an honour.  

I received two comments that made me laugh on that post.  1) “where is the crow sale?” It could be because it looks like I have so many crows all around the house.  So during my front porch vignette post, I shared that I actually only have three crows that just move around A LOT!  Which brings me to the next funny comment – “Have you taken it all down yet?” -referring to the hutch and the various Halloween vignettes on the Mini house tour post - The answer my sweet Emily, is YES….ha.

On the home front, we are still really missing our Benz but as with most difficult times in life, time tends to heal all.  Last Sunday I played my first indoor soccer game of the season and was pleasantly surprised my bones did not hurt next day.  I’m really trying to get back into my workout routine, but it doesn’t help that I just had a slice of the cheesiest pizza while watching the new Tinkerbell movie with the kiddies…oops.  It’s been a busy week so I’m looking forward to the weekend and catching up with you. 

Let’s see what Taryn has been up to…
I just love, love, love Taryn’s wheatgrass planter.  How pretty would this look holding apples or pomegranates and winter greens for Christmas?  Maybe I can get an early Christmas gift from a dear friend whose name starts with T?

I don’t own a pair of TOMS, but when I do, I will surely make one of these cool crafts.  What a great list of recycling the TOMS flag.

And lastly, Taryn is in the process of re-doing her master bedroom and shows us some beautiful inspiration pictures.  I can’t wait to see the final reveal! 

What has our friend Jaime been up to…

Jamie’s taking her fall decor to a new level and her unique ideas are just so beautiful. 
You need to see what she used to make that bunting and wreath.  She also had the sweet Heidi stop by her place and share some of her own fall decor. 

Now let’s see what you’ve been up to….YAY
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    Hi Lucy, Thanks for hosting the party again! Do you have a button for the party? (BTW, I’ll be really embarrassed if it’s right on the page in front of me… sometimes my eyes don’t work!). Glad to hear your week is getting better :) ~Melanie

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    Thanks for breaking for my blog, your so sweet:)! I am lovin those painted pumpkins, that is my sons fav movie, he is now putting in a special request, your sooo talented! Have a great week, Jen

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    Hi Lucy, lovin’ your adorable painted pumpkins, what a sweet mom you are to cheer up the kiddos in a hard time. I’m a kitty lover too and have gone thru this many times myself. When the time is right a kitten always helps ease the pain. Just linked up, thanks so much for hosting!

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