a grateful heart…

Happy new week!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 
Over the weekend, I got a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers.  After adding some wild purple flowers, I think it may have made it even more beautiful.  It reminded me of my younger years and my obsession with this beautiful flower.  I loved them so much that I was intent on naming our daughter the Spanish equivalent of sunflower Girasol (hee-ra-sol).  Hubby didn’t agree and well, Isabella was a better choice…;) 

I wanted to  share some of the photos I snapped this weekend and at the same time say thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to read my words and in turn, offer words of encouragement.  I am humbled by your wishes and hope I can continue to encourage you on this journey. 

It was only a couple days ago when I wrote to one of my dearest friends to express how it has felt a little lonely in my blog lately.  But once again you have lifted me up with your kindness, so thank you.

Have a wonderful day.

much love,


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    I love your sweet bouquet, Lu. It is happy and sweet looking. I smiled to myself..Had you named your daughter Girasol…You know how kids shorten names? Well…she would have probably been shorted to Gira…(pronounced HARI) and THAT would NOT have been a good thing-Blessings to you my dear, sweet Lucy~~~ xo Diana

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    Your blog never disappoints, Lucy. It’s beautiful, honest, and lovely. Thank you for the photos of your flowers and the reminder to start each day with a grateful heart. xox

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    How lovely. I love yellow flowers with blue or purple. Those look wonderful And hey, I think Girasol is a pretty name! Named all my daughters after flowers!

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