Sunday, January 22, 2012

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...a Valentine Mantel

As I get older and the hand of time starts to draw little laugh lines around my mouth, it also lifts a veil from my eyes and the meaning of love has never been clearer...

It is a renewed understanding and appreciation for things which cannot be acquired with money, yet is given to you freely by the Maker...

It's the sunrise in the mornings, the cool breeze during hot summer days and even the cold snow that sparkles like diamonds in the sun.

 It's in the eyes of our children
and their innocent smiles...

...and the safe haven that are my husband's arms;
oh how I find peace and love in his embrace.

It's in an empty bank account, yet
an overflowing pantry of food....

 It's in the tears of sorrow we shed, yet
unite us as we comfort each other....

It's in the warmth of our home
during cold winter nights...

It's in my hands, it's tangible and it's mine for me to share....

On the mantel sit old books, blue jars, pink and white roses, some are real some are not.  Love notes in bottles and a painting inspired by a very talented artist named Eline Pellinkhof.  She created a cross stitch mural which is by far much more superior than my painting.

This type of painting is like one of those large pixelated pictures that need to be seen from afar so to capture the full picture, hence the small photograph.

It is very rare for me to recreate another artist's work and I almost feel ashamed displaying it here on my blog.  But when I saw Eline's mural, I knew it was exactly what my mantel needed.  I suppose I could have drawn a grid to make it a little neater, but lines and measurements constrict me, so I went freehand on this one.

It will sit on my mantel for a little while before making its way to Isabella's room.  See the pillow on the bed?  It all started when I did a faux cross stitch tag (see it here) and I thought it would be cute to make a faux cross stitch heart pillow for Valentine's day.  I then thought of  taking it a step further and creating a cross stitch painting but alas, someone else with a lot more talent than I had already thought of it and had excelled at it; there was no reason to reinvent the wheel for this one as I had simply fallen in love with it.  I just altered the colours a bit to match Bella's decor.

I believe Eline has had such great response over the mural that she is thinking of creating stencils to sell.  If you are not familiar with her work, I encourage you to check it out.

So this is my love mantel for this year, with something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Thank you for your company; I hope to see you again soon...

much love,

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  1. oh i love it and i am dying because i just did my mantle today and it is the same colors!! much more simplified though. :) i realized as i was doing it that i don't have much in the v-day department! :)

  2. This is beautiful! Pinning it right now :)

  3. Your words are as beautiful as your paintings and arrangements. LOVE you more everytime I come here. I don't know that artist but I will pop by to see her. xo Diana

  4. there is something about your blog that has made me fall in love with the color white again.

    sharing on my pinterest valentine's board. too gorgeous not to record for the ages.

    thanks for the quiet reminders, along with simple decor inspirations...

  5. What a gorgeous post! I love all of it! Your mantel, your descriptions, your mural! Gorgeous!!

  6. The mantel is so beautiful! Love the colors :) Your recreation is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  7. wow its so beautiful i love all the bottles and the painting, gorgeous xxx

  8. You had me at the color choices!

  9. Well said! I enjoy you blog so much. The "hand of time has been drawing little laugh lines" all over my face for many years!

  10. oh my goodness - this display is amazing...absolutely swoon worthy! eating it right up! xo

  11. Love the mantel - has a whimsical feel that just makes you smile!

  12. Your "cross stitch" rose is beautiful and the colors just make me smile. Amazing Lucy!

  13. What a beautiful post, and such beautiful colors. I just kept looking and looking. What talent you have. Thanks for sharing:)

  14. This goes beyond inspiration, creativity! AWESOME!

  15. Love it! I hope you will come by and Link Up to the I Heart Projects Party I am having on my blog.

  16. Very pretty! Love the aqua & pink!

  17. The mantel is beautiful and so are the photos! Gushing!! :) Shan@FamilyBringsJoy

  18. I came over from the A to Z link party, and I just had to click on yours because of the amazing color!! Bright and feminine and gorgeous! All of the flowers and the blue jars. My heart melts!

  19. I love love love this mantle! I've been rearranging my items trying to figure out how to set them up. I am using the same colors as you but couldn't get them to to go together right to where I would be happy. Thanks for the inspiration, I hope you don't mind if I copy some of your ideas? I will post to my blog..

  20. Wow, how beautiful. I love the blue with the pink. And I'm so inspired by the "cross stitch" painting. Great job!

    Warmly, Michelle

  21. I hope you don't mind I am sharing this on my blog today!

  22. Lucy, everything about this mantel is just beauty personified.

    Absolutely stunning.

    Love all the pops of color against the white!

    I would be absolutely THRILLED if you would stop over at my place and link this up to Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL…going on right now!:

    So looking forward to seeing you there!

    P.S. I’m a new follower. : )


  23. I am so thrilled at the mo' , gosh my dear YOUR blog is fan-tas-tic!

  24. Super Cute! Thanks so much for linking up!! Just a reminder to register for my giveaway...

    Ramsign Giveaway: Porcelain Enamel Sign {up to $99 value}

    XO, Aimee

  25. How cute are you!! ...and YAY another doll that shares my obsession with blue jars/vases! Your mantel is beautiful and elegant, I just LOVE it!

  26. Wow - this looks just so beautiful! I love the heart cushion, and those jars and vases... I just need a mantel!

  27. Perfection!! Love the book idea. Such pretty colors. The cross stitch painting is the perfect touch.



  29. I heart this - the old mason jars, the painting ... You know I am now following you!

  30. Wow! what a fabulous mantel! So beautiful :)

  31. I think it looks great! And it's not EXACTLY the same! So it's awesome! I have been wanting to re-create the same thing for myself for quite some time now! :) Thanks for sharing!

    LOVE your mantel, really! Love all the flowers and the blue vases, I too collect blue glass vases, jars, and goodies! :)

  32. Wow this is soooo gorgeous I really just am in love with it. I am your newest follower can't wait to see what you do next!!!

  33. I love the painting and your mantel....So beautiful! I am a new follower!

  34. Just beautiful!!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  35. Love your beautiful mantel and will be featuring it! Thanks for adding a visible link on you post. Means a lot :).

  36. THAT, is a pretty mantel. I love the mix of all things and the color combo especially.

    Of course you know most people don't dream in color. Only the very creative ones!


  37. Very soft and pretty! Yes, I do dream in color...was very sad when I found out every one doesn't! Glad my hubby does!

  38. SO beautiful! I'm doing this lovely color combination in my bedroom so thank you for the inspiration!


  39. GORGEOUS! You used my favorite color combination.

  40. Hi~~ Lisa from Sweet Talk Shop just directed me your way. Love all the flowers and the Mason jars. She was right, I do love your blog. I am joining.
    Hope you are having a great day~
    Fresh Vanilla For C


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