Magic Pumpkin Seeds…

“She flung the beans through the open window and sent Jack to bed without his supper…”

I came across this idea when looking for an image for vintage pumpkins.  I thought I had saved the link, but I can’t find it to share it with you (sorry). However during the search, I found a similar activity here and here 

All you do is give the kiddies some ‘magic pumpkin seeds’ and have them plant them outside.  Perhaps read them Jack and Beanstalk as a bed time story and when they awake in the morning, a full grown pumpkin (that you placed there over night) greets them.  MAGIC!  I think it’s such a sweet idea for little ones and I wish I had done this when my kiddies were smaller.

There is nothing more tender than the innocence of a child and it makes me a little sad to know that my kiddies are growing so fast that soon all the little fairy tales will be just that, tales. 

A thought I had to make this activity a little extra special was to make little packets of ‘magic pumpkin seeds’ and share them at Halloween or during Thanksgiving.

I painted and wrote the words “Graines de Citrouille Magiques”.  If you follow along, you may recall our children attend a French school and therefore, they have become my little French tutors and we (I ) try to use French every chance we (I) get. 

I made the little envelopes out of craft paper…

This Image from The Graphic Fairy  could easily be used to print right onto the craft paper.  Just cut paper to size to fit the printer.  

And since we’re in the topic of magic pumpkin seeds…..
Every year I roast pumpkin seeds for the kiddies, but since we have yet to carve our pumpkins I went to the store to buy some already made ones.  And of course, I had to have one or two (or three) to taste.  But they were extremely salty and I thought maybe if I rinsed the salt off, I could have some….(I know,who does that?) 

But when I tried to ‘rinse off’ the salt, this is what happened….There was some sort of coating on them become a pasty, nasty mess once it came into contact with water.  What do they coat these things with?  I can’t believe that I actually ate one (or three).  No wonder they were so perfectly white and pretty. 

Moral of the story – homemade is the way to go!  But we already knew that, right?

Build some memories today! 

much love,


 ps. reminding you once again about the giveaway; please go here if you have not entered yet…xo

I will be sharing these magic seeds at these linky parties, thank you for hosting…xo


  1. says

    I took the seeds from one of the small pumpkins we got from a pumpkin patch that fell and broke and salted them lightly and toasted them in the oven and they were so much better than the ones you can buy in the store. You are so correct the ones in the store are thickly coated w/some sort (no telling what it is) mixture and takes away from the actual seed itself.
    Homemade is the best!!!

  2. says

    OK, the paste-y pumpkin seeds are certainly a cause for distress! Was anyone else told as a kid if you ate a pumpkin seed you’d grow a pumpkin in your stomach, or did I just have a weird childhood?

  3. says

    What a GREAT idea for the kids! And I have a couple that are young enough to BELIEVE. I always loved the Jack & The Beanstalk story. for those seeds…imagine what happens to them in the stomach! UGH…xo Diana

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