Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A'maiz'ing candy corn favors...

Hello everyone!  Happy midweek.  I feel as though I have a million and one things to talk to you about and yet the words do not want to line up in a tidy queue.  Perhaps it's because while I type this, I'm trying to ignore the fact that hubby is packing for a long business trip and along with him, he takes a big chunk of my heart.

It's times like these when you realize how much you take companionship for granted. Whether its the company of a spouse, a friend or even a pet.  Not that I'm comparing hubby to a pet, but he is nice to have around. :) 

But trying to put all of those feelings aside, may I show you a little something I worked on this week?
With Halloween a few short weeks away and our Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this Monday, I thought it would be appropriate to make some little candy corn favor boxes.

Here is a quick tutorial of how I made them...
1. Paint paper towel roll with two different shades of green
2. Cut in half
3. Cut a tear shape opening in the middle
4. I painted a bit of the inside

 5. This part is optional - stand up the candy corn on a piece of plastic wrap or you can just place them as you wish. I decided to stand them up so the yellow would face out and therefore look more realistic.
6. Wrap them up tightly and tie with some raffia
7. Tie several strands of raffia around the top
8. Tape around the bottom of the raffia so they stay close together

 9. Scallop the top of the paper towel and place candy corn bag inside.
10. Scallop a small piece of paper towel roll, cut in the centre and open it up.
11. Tightly squeeze top of paper towel roll and tie with a piece of raffia
12. With a glue gun, glue the smaller piece of paper roll to the other paper roll. This will add volume and hide the raffia.

This picture better depicts the last step.  Notice how I squeezed and glued the top of the corn to give it shape.  I also glued the bottom of the roll (not pictured)

It was pure coincidence that I was wearing the appropriate attire for the occasion.  Isabella took this photo so it's a little blurry.

What do you think?  I wish you could see them in person...I think they look so cute!

I also have some good news and some bad news...

GOOD - I scanned the prints (previous post)
BAD - the quality is not very good
GOOD - I will be trying a different method to see if it works better
GOOD/BAD - if I am not successful, I will be doing a giveaway, which I had planned on doing anyway, but it means not everyone will be able to enjoy them. So sorry :(

I welcome any suggestions you may have! 

And finally, I have started a Facebook page, so if you are ever around, please come by and say hello.  I will use the Craftberry Bush page so we may get to know each other in a more personal level. There, you will get to know the different sides of me...:)

Well sweet friends, I hope I didn't bore you with all that talk, and if I seemed preoccupied, you can read me very well!

Have a beautiful day and please come back soon...I am going to need your companionship during these next few days!

much love,

PS. in case you didn't catch the title of the post, 'maiz' is corn in Spanish...:)


  1. Oh my...these are soooo darn cute!!!!


  2. these are just the cutest... love them!!

  3. Very clever and unique!

    As for your prints, maybe try taking pictures, save them on CD or USB device, and have prints made at your local low-cost printing shop. Good luck. :) ~Eve

  4. What a creative, unique idea & thanks for sharing a tutorial of how its done! They really are cute... I have a BFF that is a Candy Corn Fiend *winks* she would love receiving some so cleverly wrapped for Halloween!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. What an absolutely amazing idea! Just love it. So much detail and care went into this project. Thank you for sharing it.

    I hope hubby will be back soon from his trip!
    All the best

  6. Hubby will be home soon. I remember when I worked and had an upcoming trip leaving on Monday, the weekend absolutely was the pits because I kept thinking about Monday and dreading being away. I have to say, I don't miss it. I know what you're feeling, it's a lot harder on him since he has to actually do the travel.

    I think your shirt inspired the corn project - no coincidence?

  7. Oh my gosh, those are sooo cute. What an ingenious idea! Great job Lucy =)

  8. These are darling! Great idea. Hang in there while the Mr. is away.

  9. Lu! Just when I think I have seen it all and you can't come up with anything else---well, as usual, I am amazed (get it a-MAZE-d?;>) I wish I could clone your brain/talent and sell it on the black market-cuz we all know no one would admit that they BOUGHT it! I think they would be so fun to make for my grandkids. They are just ever-so-cute! We are traveling and MyHero is still in sleep shorts (and grumpy) and I made him get up outta bed to come see these. Even he was duly impressed...(he thought he was looking at real corn at first and wondered what was so special about THAT). Then I showed him your picture at the top and now he is truly smitten!;>) God bless you-have a great week! xo Diana

  10. These are just adorable!! I love them!!

    Lou Cinda

  11. Good grief, Lucy, you are so clever. This is just a brilliant idea and so cute, oh and I forgot to mention original and repurposeful.....

  12. Those are adorable!! You did a wonderful job!

  13. Well, aren't these the cutest things?! You are one clever girl, Lucy. I wish my brain thought like yours :)

  14. These are awesome. What a lovely idea. I love that you love autumn too!

  15. These are so clever and just adorable, Lucy. Love them!

  16. These are just the most darling little things!

  17. I'm sorry your hubby will be away for awhile but just keep busy creating clever things like this corn. It is really cute and very imaginative. Your plaid shirt is cute, too. -------Shannon

  18. So much fun and so clever!!!

  19. I love this idea. I was thinking, I'll bet you can you that sixlets candies to make it look like indian corn also... I will definetly be using this idea. I am throwing a rustic outdoor dinner party and plan on using this as party favors. i am going to put candy corn, corn nuts and the sixlets in mine. Thank you for sharing... God Bless

  20. This is not only ingenious, it is so stinking adorable!!!! Love it!

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