The beach theme continues….

Hi my sweet friends, how are you?
 I hope you are all doing well and
enjoying this beautiful time of year…

It must be the extreme heat we are experiencing here in Ontario and my love for sea tones that’s making me go a little ‘coastal’ …

 Last week I finally got over my fear of asking for paint stir sticks at our local Home Depot.
 I am ridiculously shy…:(

But I had this idea brewing in my head for sometime now and the desire to create was greater than the fear..:)

So I made this coastal frame to go along with my beachy theme and who better to display inside than my little fishies?  Even though I wanted a more summery picture, this picture from a few years ago fills me with extreme happiness.

I love the way the frame turned out, but once I placed the picture inside, all I can see is my kiddies sweet smiles and I can’t  see the frame anymore…

This is a great way to use the glass of an old frame.
 Do you have any empty frames laying around?
After deciding the layout, I simply cut the stir sticks into various sizes.
I used a non-erase marker to mark a frame that would hold a 5×7 picture. 
I first used a dark stain to stain the sticks…

I painted the pieces with various sea tones,
distressed them a little and glued them right
onto the glass using Gorilla wood glue.
I simply attached the picture to the back of the frame.  I knew this frame would be leaning against something, so I had no need to close the back of the frame.
If you would like to have a proper frame, just glue the sticks right onto the old  frame itself.
(I hope you get what I mean, or am I talking in circles?…sorry)

I have yet to decide whether I want to glue some shells on
the frame or not.  What do you think – shells or no shells?
Can you keep a secret?  I actually used chewing gum to attach them and snaps the photos.  I suppose I could have used play dough instead (shame on me).  I hope you still like me…
Here is the frame without the shells…hmm?
 Have I told you how much I love this picture of my monkeys?
This weekend, I’m tackling another fear of mine….sewing!!! I’ll let you know how it goes.
Thank you so much for being here…I love sharing my thoughts with you.
much love,


  1. says

    Haha, I would have done the same thing! Hey, you’ve got to use what you have on hand sometimes. I just love this. What kind of paints do you use? I love the colors :) Cute picture too. Good luck with your sewing, A big fear of mine too!!!

  2. says

    LU!!!! I love it! Those faces are the cutest things ever surrounded by beachy old looking wood pieces. The look like they floated in from somewhere! You shy? Whodathought? I guess you lose your shyness in blogging…and keep the sweetness that is you! How many shells are you going to end up gluing on that little sucker?;>) xo Diana

  3. says

    it’s beautiful! I LOVE the colors and the way it turned out! I will have to make one of these, I have LOTS of glass inserts from frames that I used for other things! {I like it with the shells, gum & all, hehehe}

  4. says

    Love, love, love this! The sticks are wonderful and I love the color and glaze. It’s a perfect “beach” frame. I’m just like you, I hate bugging the employees! Luckily, they keep the paint sticks in a big bucket at the paint counter! I’m off to try this out. Love it!

  5. says

    O my word you are so funny, those paint stirrers are like little wooden sticks of gold to us. Our Lowes and Home Depot are so stingy with them. This is another beautiful project Ms. Lucy, I say just the starfish. What flavor gum? lol!


    June 11, 2011 7:43 AM

  6. says

    This is beautiful! It looks so similar to one I saw on PB….but much better! You should submit it to “Knock Off Decor”!

  7. says

    I love it! I have a similar frame from Kohl’s. Yours is much more awesome!

    I like it with the starfish, but not the shells.

    It is so funny, because I have my frame sitting with a starfish to the side of it too. I’m posting my beach mantle next week.

  8. says

    I saw your post on Tatortots and Jello weekend round up. I love this! I saw a frame like this years ago in a small shop in Fort Myers. I’ve looked for it for a long time. Now I can make it! Thanks.

  9. says

    This is so great and such a great idea! I love the colors that you chose and your display is perfect!! Might have to try something like this soon. :)

  10. says

    I have a that you have it done have you had any issues with the sticks not sticking with the gorilla glue? I have heard mixed reviews of the glue and I wanted to make sure it would work.

    I just started distressing a old window for a project and the glass fell out of one of the sides…I know where that glass is going!

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