What’s old is new again…..

Sometimes the best things are the ones that were always there.

In my attempt to make everything old  new again (without reaching into my wallet), I glamourized these old bulbs by simply gluing an old pearl garland around them.  I think they look quite pretty.

It is my hope that I inspire you to not only create, but look at things in a new light and see the beauty that’s within everything around you.
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    Okay- Now I KNOW you are kidding me! You glued all those little suckers on there THAT neatly? No glue dripping? No misplaced, out of line beads? Huh? You are my NEW Hero! Hugs- Diana

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    Did you paint the ornament white first so the original colour didn’t show through, or did you cover them with something (it looks like some fluffy fabric or something) or were they already white? I love the idea. Thanks!

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    I just found you through the link party, I love these ornaments, great job! They make me want to take some leftover pom pom trim that I have and create a similar look!

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    Beautiful, I love your blog, I love the pictures of your crafts and decor. Well done! What camera are you using? I need a new one and would love suggestions.

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