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Hello friends. I hope you had a nice weekend. I can’t believe that it’s already mid November. It feels like winter has come quicker than usual. Which I guess it’s ok, because that means, cozy fires, family and Christmas.
Today I’m joining my friends again on Seasons of Home, this time sharing our living rooms all decked out for Christmas.
I know that I say this every year, and I don’t say because I’m looking for attention but I really do get super insecure about my decor and this year in particular because I took  a new direction and I’m still trying to
figure it out.
christmas dining room craftberry bush_-44 So I will give you little peeks of what I’ve done so far, but because I don’t love it 100%, I will probably be tweaking it for my Christmas home tour this year.
You might know that I decided not to use my flocked trees this year and I do miss them a little but you can appreciate that I’ve had a flocked tree since 2014 and I just needed a change.

christmas living room craftberrybush-12
I originally had the tree in the usual spot and with very few bulbs. But as you will see in the other photos, I moved it to a new spot and tried to include more decorations. I ended up changing it again because I wasn’t loving it.


christmas living room craftberrybush-8

What I do love and I’m finding while using traditional colors is that there’s a sense of nostalgia that I didn’t really get with neutrals. I can’t put it into words.

christmas living room craftberrybush-7
One thing that I do know is that red will always be THE perfect Christmas color. :)

christmas living room craftberrybush-4

I took a lot of photos of the tree but I don’t love any of them so I’ve decided not to post them.  I seriously need to learn to take photos of Christmas trees by a window.

christmas living room craftberrybush-3

I do love having a tree in the dining room. The extra glow is so pretty in the evening.
christmas living room craftberrybush-9

christmas stair decor craftberrybush-3 I also worked on the banister last week, and that I’m happy with. I’ll have more on that later on. In the meantime, enjoy the gorgeous homes below.

Thank you so much for stopping by. xo


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  1. Joi says

    I love it, Lucy…change is good! I’ve also decided to change up my decor this year to include reds & plaids after years of just all metallics & white. I started small last year with just red & plaid in my dining room & loved it, so I’ve decided to go all out this year & mix it up with red, plaid & gold in the rest of my home. Wish me luck!

  2. says

    Lucy, I think you’re doing a fabulous job with your new Christmas decor direction. I love the simplicity of your tree. Keep going and trust your instinct – you have a gift, my friend. Try not to doubt it (I know that’s easier said than done). I’ll bet your tree photographs are amazing. :)

  3. Lynn Connor says

    Hi Lucy I really love your decor. Red is absolutely the best colour esp at Christmas. It helps bring depth and dimension to everything. It is also refreshing to see the trend towards simplicity. Seeing too many white and neutral rooms one can zone out. Continue to play with your space. Trust yourself. Soon you will have that ahha moment when it feels wonderfully right.

  4. Dawn says

    I hate that you’re feeling insecure because you have a beautiful eye for decor and I’m using several ideas from your Christmas posts for my own home. I’ve yet to see you do anything I haven’t liked. Your pictures also encouraged me to paint by built ins dark, which I’ve wanted to do for awhile.

    I love traditional colors for Christmas and it’s so refreshing to see a green tree in the sea of flocked trees flooding Instagram and the blogging world (no shade toward flocked trees, I love them).

    I’d love to know where the top plaid wrapping paper is from in the picture with the straw bag. Love the floral one too!

  5. Gayle says

    Your decor is GORGEOUS! I love the red and the forest green! You are sooo talented! I love your dog too! Merry Christmas!

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