Modern Fall Living Room Decor


Hello friends. I hope your week is off to a great start. I’ve been a bit restless lately and really struggling to stay focused. Usually fall brings me endless amounts of inspiration and there’s something about the season that brings out the ‘artist’ in me, but for some reason this year I can’t find my groove. I have been changing things around and trying to bring in some modern living room fall decor. I go back and forth wanting to paint the shelves white again or paint the entire wall blue.
Changing this to that and that to this and it’s a never ending game of musical chairs.
Even though I  do love the blue paint and I think it makes the living room look  more modern,  I know come Christmas, the color will clash with my Christmas decor so I will probably be making a decision very soon. That’s one unfortunate thing about being a blogger, it’s hard to live one season at a time because you’re always thinking of the upcoming season.  modernfalllivingroomcraftberrybush-64
For now, The shelves will remain this color.   modernfalllivingroomcraftberrybush-65
The other day I shared the process of decorating my mantel. You can see the post HERE. So you might see some photos where the living room changes back and forth. It’s the story of my life right now. lol  modernfalllivingroomcraftberrybush-66
I recently ordered THIS rug from Boutique Rugs to add a little warmth to the space. I like the rug, however, it’s a little hard to capture the true essence of the colors of the rug. FYI, the colors on  their website look a lot warmer  than in person.




I think that if I decide to paint the entire wall blue, the  rug is going to look great in this space.   modernfalllivingroomcraftberrybush-70


The days have not been cool enough to turn on the fireplace yet, but I love how cozy it makes the living room look so I turned it on for a tiny little while.  The votives can be found HERE. I am going to be using them on a tablescape later on next week so stay tuned.
Some sweet white baby boos. I painted some of the stems gold because why not? ha.  fallinthefamilycraftberrybush-30 fallinthefamilycraftberrybush-18 fallinthefamilycraftberrybush-27
My sweet boy matches the decor perfectly doesn’t he? Love him so.  fallinthefamilycraftberrybush-26 fallinthefamilycraftberrybush-25 fallinthefamilycraftberrybush-12
Here’s the living room with a different mantel decor..

There are actually so many other photos but I won’t bore you with the rest. I do want to encourage you to visit my friend’s gorgeous homes below. A huge thank you to Kristin for putting this tour together.
As usual, thank you so much for stopping by today. Have a beautiful day. xo

much love,


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  1. says

    I love all your touches of blue!! I have felt the same way you have this year, LOL. Can’t quite settle on the decor. Some things I love, some are just ok, but your living room feels so cozy non-the-less sweet friend :)

  2. Jeanne says

    Your fall room colors and new rug are so beautiful! And I’ve always loved the blue painted backs of your shelves. What if you cut pieces of foam board to fit and covered them in a neutral fabric. They could easily be put in place and taken out as needed, and that would solve the dilemma when you want to change the colors/ look – for instance at Christmas as you mentioned?

  3. Kathy Menold says

    I know what you mean about feeling a bit restless. Between the hurricane which we were fortunate to miss except for lots of rain and the temperatures which continue to be hot I am finding getting into a fall mood rather difficult. I used the inclement weather as time to do autumn decor but find myself changing things around daily. Thanks for your ideas.

  4. Lea says

    Lucy it’s my favorite fall decor reveal so far!!! I do hope the blue can stay for Christmas because I LOVE blue with Christmas decor!!!’ But everything you do is always so lovely ????

  5. Emily says

    I absolutely love this! It’s your home and you have to do what feels right to you, but I think this is so gorgeous! I didnt even think modern, I thought “that’s so crisp and cozy at the same time, how does she do that?!?!”. Stunning!

  6. says

    Lu you are such an inspiration! I love the blue here in your beautiful family room and the addition of your new rug. Your mantel decorating is always SO good too!! The amber votives had me wanting to go out and grab some myself… I just may have to now ;). xoxo

  7. Karin says

    I love the pop of blue that your shelves have and the modern fall theme is such a great twist on traditional!!

    I know that you’ve already painted them, but if you decide to have blue shelves and are worried about them clashing with the decor for a particular season, you could always create white boards that fit into the shelves that you place temporarily to cover the blue. You could even create themed backgrounds that can be changed during different seasons like a plaid for Christmas or pastels for Easter, and in between you could just remove the boards and have the pretty blue color peek through! (and the boards could be made of wood if you want them to be durable, or even made of foam board for something very easy and cheap. I love the blue so I hope you decide to keep it around!

    Also, the chairs in that room are fantastic, where did you get them?!

  8. Sarah says

    Your room is sooo pretty! I too, would like to know where you got the chairs from, and also, the blue vase on your table. I am helping my mom redo her family room in blue and white. She has a fireplace and bookshelves similar to yours and we are debating if the backs should be white or blue.

  9. Sara says

    Hi I love your living room. It feels so fresh and modern very current with the blue. Do you mind posting the blue paint color and wall paint color. The wall color seems like a griege. I could be wrong though. I just love them. Thanks

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