How to Paint Watercolor Peony Buds – video


Happy Monday friends. I hope you had a beautiful weekend. This weekend our little boy turned 18 and it doesn’t feel real. This week he will be writing his final exams as a high school student and in September he’ll be fleeing the nest to University.
The only good thing about him leaving to University is that his room will become my office…ha
This week, I also saw the blooming of our peony bush. There is something so satisfying about being able to see the fruit of your labour, even though if I’m really being honest, Peonies are so easy to take care of . They are to me the perfect combination of strength, resilience and beauty.
Well, today I wanted to quickly stop by and share with you another painting video inspired by these beautiful flowers.

This time, I didn’t speed up as usual so I hope you enjoy.


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I hope you have a beautiful day…xo



  1. says

    Inspiration is right outside our door. A red cardinal for several days perched itself on our back porch, then one day for the first time, I spotted a dogwood in bloom on the land behind our home. So the next painting was a red cardinal perched on a dogwood branch in bloom. Then out my front door are azaleas, roses, celosia, climbing clematis, day lilies, Then when I walk our country road, even the different shapes, shades, and colors of foliage, then the wildflowers, Even in the clouds you can see shapes colors, for inspiration for painting. Pets and people are all inspiration for art. Old churches, old home, old barns, are disappearing from our country side, but if we place them in a painting, the memories can stay with us throughout the centuries, a horse or cow with their newborn are inspiration for art. Old cars are another inspiration for art. It is in every direction we look, We just need to open our eyes for inspiration. There is so much inspiration, I have to still think, What am I going to paint next? LOL!

  2. Barb says

    So beautiful!!!! You’re so talented :>) I really enjoy the videos. Just curious – do you cook? Does your creativity extend to creating new recipes?

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