Painted Deer Hide Tray DIY


Hello friends. I hope your week has been great so far. I’m so excited about this little project because it’s whimsical and I think it just turned out so cute.
I think it’s also perfect for this season but it can certainly work through the winter as well.

Let me show you how I did it…



For this project I used DecoArt Multi-surface Satin, but you can use any of their amazing acrylic paints but the multi-surface satin paints, have a nice sheen that’s not too shiny.
You can use an old wooden tray or in my case, I used a plain basswood board I purchased from Michaels.

I placed the paint in the order I knew I would be painting. So whiteBrown Sugar, Bittersweet and Coffee Bean.  I also used a tiny bit of black (not pictured)
painteddeertraydiy-3 I started with a large flat brush and dipped it in the brown sugar and wipe some of the paint off on a towel.  The best way to achieve the look of ‘hair’ or ‘fur’ is to use a semi dry brush technique.  painteddeertraydiy-4
I applied the paint in perpendicular strokes towards the center…

painteddeertraydiy-5 I did this at either side of the board leaving the middle clear.


I then proceeded with the Bittersweet and used similar perpendicular strokes towards the center. NOTE: Don’t bother cleaning the brush in between changing paint color until you use the white. The mixture of the paint gives it a more natural look.


To paint the center I used a smaller flat brush ….
Using a mixture of black and Coffee Bean, I did small strokes in the center of the hide…


painteddeertraydiy-11  Allow paint to dry for a little bit and dip your brush in the white paint. Wipe the paint off so the brush is almost dry and go over the entire piece using perpendicular strokes again. I started at the edges and worked my way towards the center.

painteddeertraydiy-10 Dip your brush in the white again and this time make small little strokes throughout the board. These will be the little spots on the hide.

painteddeertraydiy-12 Make some bigger and some smaller. I you prefer, you can just make little dots.

Allow to dry and voila!

You use a protective varnish if you wish. :)
painteddeertraydiy-19 painteddeertraydiy-20

I love it so much that I want to paint a large canvas to go above my mantel. Hopefully I’ll have some time prior to my Christmas tour.
What do you think? Festive right?

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as I can.

Have a beautiful day.

much love,




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