Cinnamon and Sugar Lattice Pie Crust Cookies


Hello friends! Hope you had a nice weekend. It was a busy, busy weekend for us which included a visit and tour to a potential University for our oldest son. It was a little nostalgic for me and even got a little teary eyed as we got closer to the campus.
It’s hard to believe it was only a few years I was writing about dropping them off at elementary school. You often hear ‘they grow up so fast’ and in fact they do. So cherish your time.

During the weekend, I also baked some delicious and too easy cinnamon and sugar lattice pie crust cookies and because I was short on time, I used premade pie crust to make them.
The process is not hard at all, though it might look a little complicated, it took me about 25 minutes or less  from start to finish.

You will need two pie crusts cut into strips of the same size. I used a pizza cutter to make it easier.



Lay the strips horizontally and fold over every other one as shown.  piedcrustcookiescraftberrybush-3

Lay one trip in the center… piedcrustcookiescraftberrybush-4
Unfold strips over the middle strip…
piedcrustcookiescraftberrybush-5 Fold the next alternating strips as shown and place another strip vertically, next to the previous vertical strip. Unfold, folded strips and continue this process… piedcrustcookiescraftberrybush-6

Until you have a full lattice… piedcrustcookiescraftberrybush-7

Use a circular cookie cutter or glass and cut out some circles making sure they are big enough to place over mug.


Sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar over the dough …. piedcrustcookiescraftberrybush-10

You can pierce a little hole at the edge of the cookie to fit a straw once cooked if you wish. Bake at 450 for 8-10 or until golden brown.

piedcrustcookiescraftberrybush-15 piedcrustcookiescraftberrybush-16

These are so cute, easy to make and well pie crust is kinda the best part of the pie isn’t it?
If I can be honest with you, I originally wanted to make sugar cookies but my dough got too puffy and the lattice just didn’t look great and because I was short of time, this was the best alternative. :)


Here are some other incredibly beautiful recipes from my friends.

Happy Christmas baking!



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  1. says

    Oh Lucy! You look so young to have a “kid” going to Uni!! Cheers!
    Loved the idea! Will keep in mind to try next autumn! In Brazil is spring and in Rio is like summer already…
    kisses ML

  2. Janet Thomas says

    Your blog is recommend on She said you had some free printable tags. Could you please tell me where I can view them?

  3. Peggy says

    Your trees and decorations at Christmas are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen . I have seen each of the Holiday Housewlks, and no one does it better than you.

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