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romantic homes Hello friends. I hope you had a nice weekend. The weather was beautiful again and we took advantage of it by going out and taking a few family photos. As the kids get older you would think it would be easier to take decent family photos but not really.
I still appreciate that they (reluctantly) participate. lol
Speaking of taking photos, I’m so humbled to tell you that I made it into the cover of Romantic Homes magazine. I can’t hardly believe it!  It’s truly an honour to walk by a magazine stand and see not only your home but your own photo on the cover.
Words truly cannot express the gratitude.

The magazine recently had a little update and I’m so proud of my friend Courtney, who is the new editor . She is curating the most beautiful content. I’m not saying because of my feature, but there are so many beautiful features in the magazine that it immediately put me in the Christmas spirit…

So I’ve been painting some Christmas inspired watercolors trying to decide this year’s Christmas theme. I still don’t know but I know it will come together…:)  df8fac5eb5b05dda3b5ee1bfdf7c808b Speaking of Christmas and painting, I posed this question on Instagram, and want to know what you think? What would you like to see in my shop or a free printable?

Hearing from you is always so great thing…:)


Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you have a great week ahead.

much love,



  1. Elaine says

    WOW!!!!! MY most sincere Congratulations, Lucy!! I will definitely pick up a copy this week. How proud you must feel of this honor and your family must feel the same excitement, too. I’ve been reading your blog ever since I found you (about three years ago) and your warm personality comes through in every post! I LOVE your artwork (I paint in oils and acrylics) and the softness of your watercolors are starting to make me consider trying them sometime. I am seeing the word “Pretty” mentioned and am hoping we start to see more “pretty” in decor. I see so many sleek interiors and/or concrete and gray walls and am craving “pretty”! You showed a blush-pink cushion not that long ago and it was like a magnet. I admired that photograph for a long time before going on to read the rest of your post. Again, my huge Congratulations!

  2. Erica says

    Congrats on the beautiful magazine article! The photos of your decor are always so inspiring. I know you are inquiring about artwork ideas. However, I have been so inspired by your Christmas tree decorations that I have convinced my husband to help me flock our artificial tree this year, and I hope to utilize your duster idea to add snow to my tree. A step by step blog post with many photos that document the steps you follow to decorate your tree would be very helpful to those of us to struggle to decorate our tree. I cannot wait to see how you decorate for the Holidays this year!

  3. Michelle Nettles says

    Congrats on being in the magazine!! It looks like a beautiful spread. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that winter scene of the red barn!! Winter scenes always make me feel nostalgic. Great job (on the magazine & the blog post)!! :)

  4. j.hall says

    Congratulations Lucy! Your feature in Romatic Homes Magazine is well deserved. I am so looking forward to browsing the work of your creative heart and hands.

  5. Sara Sun says

    Hi Lucy, Congrats on the feature! That is so cool! I cant wait to get a copy. As for printable, how about a watercolor holiday photo card. I have always loved blue/raspberry color combinations, but I know whatever you do will be beautiful.

  6. Sarah Schimpf says

    LOVE THE RED BARN but really anything you do is amazing! Can I have your tree and puppy? JK! Congrats on the cover!

  7. Amy K says

    Congrats! Can’t wait to pick up the magazine and revisit your beautiful home. Love those ornaments and the barn is to die for. So pretty and serene.

  8. Linda says

    Congratulations!! That is one smart editor for you are a favorite of so many!!! Your work conveys your humbleness and grace with which you share with us. Thank you…

  9. says

    Congratulations, Lucy!! You are always so humble… but know your readers are celebrating and believe you are more than worthy of the honor. xo

    Christmas… I LOVE the pastel colors, but don’t decorate with them. Recently, I changed up our decorating scheme to dark blue (think midnight blue not navy (cobalt and blue and white chinese porcelain is too bright blue with this color) with a very tiny hint of turquoise in the pattern, along with creams and grays. It’s very soothing feeling, but decorating for Christmas will be interesting. So I will selfishly as if you might incorporate some blues into your artwork for a printable.

    Whatever you create… it will be beautiful. xo

  10. says

    Lucy – a huge congrats to you on this deserving honor. You are so mega talented and amazing – couldn’t have happened to a sweeter gal, and that’s the truth of it!

    Your painting of the red barn is awesome!

    What I’d love to see you paint? I ALWAYS love anything teacup or teapot related – it’s my very favorite thing next to birdies, esp goldfinches.

    Gently Christmas-themed teacup note cards is always a wonderful gift, too – or to use as thank you notes or invites for all the wonderful parties that time of year…all coming up quickly!

    Anyway, thanks for being your incredible self. Keep up the good work – thanks for all the eye candy goodness!



  11. Shawn says

    Lucy, congratulations! Your incredible talent deserves to be recognized. I LOVE the barn watercolor. Would love if that were a free printable this season! Thanks for asking.
    Keep being your lovely self!

  12. Kris says

    It’s no surprise your lovely home and photo are featured in a magazine. You have a fresh approach with classic undertones. :)

    I also love the barn–I love outdoor snowy scenes including pine cones/branches brushed with snow and animals outdoors in winter.

  13. Julie says

    Wonderful job, Lucy!

    How about painting Christmas stockings on a fireplace scene or perhaps something Norwegian inspired with all those beautiful bright patterns and knits? Maybe a snowy winter village with a vintage-feel? Children making a snowman? Just some random ideas I had.

  14. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    Oh my gosh, Lucy, how cool is that? You were featured in a major magazine! I’ve never heard of this magazine before so I am wondering if it’s only available in Canada? Either way, congrats, you deserve it!
    What would I like to see as a printable or in your shop? I can think of a few things. How about a tree with a star on the top? Lots of red and green, silver and gold, a little yellow, some blue and some glitter. How about a snowflake or snowflakes? I do like that barn too.
    I saw an amazing photo of real snowflakes. Wow! You should google it. I’ll take whatever you offer because your painting is amazing. I only wish mine was that good.

  15. says

    The red barn pic above would make a beautiful printable. Your printables look so “real life.” You can make that painted picture come alive so well. I simply LOVE the hand painted ornaments pictured above also – what a romantic ball for one’s Christmas tree. It would be lovely anywhere but especially in a guest room or in a library (home library with its own tree!)

  16. Cheryl Forrest says

    Congrats on being on the Romantic Homes magazine cover!!! I’ve been looking at your blog for quite awhile, and thought that i should finally post something:) You truly have artistic talent, and I’ve always enjoyed looking at your paintings and crafts. I love your simple, attainable decor in your home! The painted ornaments are darling. I think the red barn would be a great printable. Oh, and I like your blue kitchen island. Congrats again! Cheryl Forrest

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