Late Summer Arrangement
Hello again friends. It’s a rainy day here today and though I would prefer that it would be sunny, God graced us with the most wondrous and mesmerizing event yesterday.
I’m referring to the solar eclipse that took my breath away. Though we were at approximately 75% totality, we were still in it its path and I was humbled to be able to experience the mystery of the unknown in such  close proximity.
The event itself, makes me realize how insignificant we are to the magnificence of creation. It made be feel vulnerable, fragile and at the same time, so very grateful and in awe of God’s grace.
He truly does watch over us each and every day.
Like a parent watching a child from afar, allowing them to walk on their own and yet always under careful watch so not to allow harm to come.
It’s so easy to focus on the bad, the ugly of this world and yet we are surrounded by mysterious beauty.
Beauty that sometimes takes intentional effort to stop and admire. Like the blooming flowers of  summer or the manner in which the birds intricately weave a nest or  the complex cities that lay underneath an ant hill.
It takes effort to be fully present and savour the sweetness of a piece of fruit; fruit whose sole purpose is to sustain life.
Or wonder in awe how seasons change and those blooming gardens will soon be asleep but only for a little while as they will rise again in Spring.
I hope you too are able to appreciate the beauty of this world, even when it seems dark and messy.

Wishing you a beautiful day ahead.

much love,




  1. j.hall says

    Lucy, thank you for a lovely post. Your table arrangement is so elegant in its simplicity. Your choice of using golden pears spoke to my heart. I have long been a lover of “pears”, both for eating, baking, cooking and especially as decor accents. I’ve been collecting them for years; some are porcelain, trinket boxes, post cards, marble, prints, tea cups, a large pear made of cement, its stem embellished with copper wire and too many more to mention. Thank you for a delightful treat!
    Your thoughtful comment concerning the eclipse caught my attention. We live in a small city which was in the path of 100% totality. The hype, the mania, the buzz and constant updates about the numbers of people descending upon our city and what it would mean for local commerce, made it easy to get completely wrapped up in the “cosmic affair”. As I sat in our backyard with my husband, waiting and watching for that one moment of 100% totality, I felt suddenly ashamed. I realized we were witnessing the power and wonder of the majesty of our God – not the “Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017″ a once in a lifetime event just as it had been marketed. We were in 100% totality for a moment and then we were not. I told my husband we had just experiienced a moment in the astrological history of the world, but more importantly, we received a long glimpse of the Father, a magnification of the many glimpses He shows us each and every day, many of the missed by me, us and all who encounter the face of God in our everyday activities, but fail to notice. This was hardly a commercial event, it was Him, encouraging us to notice His grace in all things, the large and small. Thank you for your graceful observations.

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