Easy Easter Centerpiece




Hello sweet friends. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far.  It seemed as if Spring was on its way last week, yet it’s been bitterly cold and we’ve even had a couple of days of snow. But the sun has also been shining and boy that makes a huge difference doesn’t it?
Well, even though the weather is not cooperating, I want to share this super easy Easter centerpiece made out of egg shells.




The other day I dyed some eggs prior to cooking them using THIS technique  and then  used the shell as little vases….
Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-3 I took some Irish moss and placed it on this old tray… Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-4 I then placed some wet floral foam inside the empty shells…  Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-5

Cut some pretty Fressias and inserted them into the foam… Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-6
I also placed some of the foam on the tray and covered it with moss… Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-7 I rested the shell planters on top of the moss and even included some empty shells here and there… Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-8

I think it looks so pretty and I love that it was super simple to put together….Sorry for the photo overload… Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-9 Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-10 Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-11 Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-16 Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-17 Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-18 Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-19 Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-20 Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-21 Eastercenterpiececraftberrybush-26

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  1. Judy Davey says

    How did you die the eggs? Did you splatter them with gold paint somehow? What made the speckles? They look very special.

  2. Elaine says

    Absolutely adorable! It’s also an inexpensive way of gifting some fresh flowers as a little goes a long way. Thank you!

  3. says

    Pure perfection, Lucy!! Oh my goodness, this centerpiece is simply charming! The Irish moss is a perfect backdrop to the eggs and freesia. It gives me the feeling of being in a botanical garden in spring.

    I’m so glad you joined us for this little challenge. And thank you for sharing your amazing creativity with us. xo

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