Painted Christmas Sugar Cookies – Cookie exchange party


Hello friends. It’s Monday evening and Christmas is only a few days away.  I am so ready to embrace these upcoming days. But before I do, I’m so excited to join some of my friends again to do a little cookie exchange party! I’ve never done one of these in real life but I have heard so many great things about it so here we are.

I had a vision of making cute little white trees in a jar full of icing sugar, but then I thought how sweet it would be to actually paint the little trees…



For these cookies I used my favourite sugar cookie recipe. Once the cookies were baked and cool I rolled some fondant and used the same tree cookie cutter to cut the fondant.  paintedsugarcookiecarftberrybush-11

I then placed the fondant over the cookie and allow it to rest for about 2 hours.  paintedsugarcookiecarftberrybush-12

In the meantime, I prepared the little jars by placing some of the fondant at the bottom of the jar.  paintedsugarcookiecarftberrybush-13

I then poured some icing sugar to cover the fondant. Make sure you close the lid of the jar tightly to make sure the fondant doesn’t dry.  paintedsugarcookiecarftberrybush-14

To paint the cookies, I simply used gel icing sugar and used clear vanilla extract to dilute it and clean my brush in between colors.  paintedsugarcookiecarftberrybush-15



I applied some icing to some of the trees but I think I preferred them without the icing.  Allow cookies to dry for a few hours.  paintedsugarcookiecarftberrybush-7

Press cookies onto the fondant in the jar to keep the upright. Leave jar open for an hour or so to allow the fondant to harden a little.

And since I had lots of food coloring left on the plate, I had some fun painting dainty little flowers …

paintedsugarcookiecarftberrybush-2 How cute would it be to have your little ones paint cookies as a Christmas activity? So fun.

When the kiddies were little I would allow them to paint their toast with food coloring and milk…:) This I think would be a step up right?  paintedsugarcookiecarftberrybush-8

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Please don’t forget to check out the gorgeous recipes below.

Sending you a warm hug and many blessings this Christmas..xoxoxo


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  1. Sarah says

    Your talent always blows me away. What a great idea…not sure I could paint as well as you but would be a fun project! Thanks for sharing with us XOXOXO

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