Natural Flower Fall Wreath DIY

natural fall flower wreath

It’s early morning and as the sun stretches out its arms and welcomes a new day, I sit here basking in the sound of silence and savouring this brief quiet moment before my day commences.

The last several months have been full of daily, weekly, monthly and conflicting deadlines. I have been blessed with opportunities which keep me busy and though I try so very hard to remain grateful, when you’re constantly going, it’s very difficult to actually pause and truly appreciate and express gratitude. Having my own business is something that I’ve always wanted and deep down in my heart I knew would one day come to pass.

I’m doing what I love and even though it’s a lot of time and effort, it almost never feels like work. But I have also come to realize that when you’re building your dream, you’re also sacrificing time. I am so very fortunate to have a partner who wants to see me succeed and is with me every step of the way, working along with me. We’re also fortunate that our kiddies are now older and don’t require too much attention, but as this little business grows and I stretch myself thin, I’m also facing feelings of guilt and craving good ol’ family time and the company of my parents, siblings and in-laws. I’ve also been craving  quiet time with the Lord; something that is also so important to me as He is the provider of all these great things in my life.


natural fall flower wreath-4

I have to remind myself that we all go through different seasons and that some are busier than others. That hard work pays but that you are given gifts and blessings, not to store or keep to yourself but to bless and share with others and that truly is what I want to do.

natural fall flower wreath-6

Speaking of seasons, I love fall and its beautiful colors and this wreath is the perfect way to use some of those last few flowers from your garden.

natural fall flower wreath-8

As I look at these photos I am reminded that these thriving vines will soon be gone as winter nears. Just as nature needs a little pause, so do we.

natural fall flower wreath-10

Thank you so much for visiting today. It’s my hope that you have a beautiful week ahead…xo

To see how I made this pretty wreath, please visit me over at eHow.


  1. says

    Lucy, that wreath is absolutely gorgeous! I know exactly how you mean, and I was just thinking that I need a coffee break soon. Sometimes when I keep going, going, going, I feel less like I’m having fun, and more stressed. Pausing is definitely important in our daily, busy lives.

  2. says

    What a beautiful wreath. I love the colors and the setting, especially the sweet beautiful dog. It just makes you want to sit and have a cup of hot chocolate and love on him. Job well done as usual.

  3. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    I love your wreath! It’s so pretty and colorful and really reminds me of fall. Can you believe that its fall already? I have some flowers on my porch that bloomed last month and I planted them in June! They don’t get a lot of sun where they are so that’s probably why but we are the only house who has blooming flowers! If I can, I’ll send you a photo of what they look like. As long as we don’t get a hard frost, they should bloom for quite a while. I keep watering them so they should keep blooming. I had some beautiful violets planted from seeds along with the ones growing on my porch but some nasty squirrels dug them all up! I’m going to see if I can put them on the window ledge of our picture window and if they will grow there. I love to see all of your photos! They are so beautiful! My sister who does photography handbags and other things would love to come and photograph your yard and wreath. To bad you live so far away.

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