Halloween Moon Art

Halloween moon art_-7

Sometimes blogging gets a little confusing. For example, it’s a gorgeous fall day and actually feels like early summer outside, yet I’ve been inside all day working on some Christmas ideas while today’s post is Halloween…? If you have followed me for a bit, you’ll know I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, but I have always told hubby that if I were, look out.

Halloween moon art_-8

This fun wall art didn’t take a lot of imagination, but I think it’s super cute and love how it looks against the chalk wall.



1) Take a foam circle, cover it with Smooth Finish and allow to dry.
2) Using gray acrylic paint, paint the edges and a few circles inside the circle.
3) Dry brush some yellow paint and allow to dry.
4) Cut out some bat silhouettes and hot glue onto the moon.

Halloween moon art_-10

Cute, right?

You can check out many more fun ideas in the FloraCraft free Halloween E-Book by clicking on the image below.


Thank so much for stopping by today.

I hope you have a beautiful day…xo



  1. Doreen says

    Hi Lucy,
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I especially love your watercolors and your pillows are perfection! I’m attempting to learn to paint with watercolors. I’m wondering if you would share the best way to paint a loose mum and fall leaves. I have just ruined an otherwise decent painting because I just can’t get this. Since I’m impressed with your work I thought you could help. Thank you.

  2. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    I like Halloween for the dress up aspect of it. Not the gross dress up aspect of it or the scary aspect of it but the I can be anything I want to be for one night aspect. I took dance class for years so I have plenty of costumes. I dress up in a costume to pass out candy to the kids. I love to see what the kids will wear and they love to see what I am wearing.
    I like what you did with the moon and the bat. If you really liked Halloween your house would probably featured on the news because you would go all out!
    We had that warm weather last week too! It got up to almost 85 one day and that is so unusual for Oct. in CT. This week we are having much colder temps so my flowers that are finally growing because they didn’t get a lot of sun until late afternoon this summer will have to be covered at night. I hope they last because I am the only person on our street that has flowers growing that were planted from seeds.in June I think. They are the only seeds I planted that didn’t get eaten & dug up by the squirrels.

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