Leather Blanket Carrier DIY



Hello friends…I hope your week is off to a great start. It was a long weekend here as we celebrated Thanksgiving.



The weather was gorgeous and we took full advantage of it. It has become somewhat of a tradition for us to head outdoors during this time of year and take family photos. Sometimes I don’t realize how much my kiddos have grown until I see them in photographs. They do grow up so fast.

I’ve always been aware of how blessed I am to have these beautiful people around me, but there are days when I am so present in the moment and my love and gratitude for my family overwhelms me. Each one of our children – made of the perfect mixture of my husband and I. And my husband, my true love and my rock.


Each season has its own beauty and heading outside to take in the beautiful colours of fall is one of my favourite things to do.

And speaking of tradition, for the past two years, some of my best bloggy friends and I have been sharing the Seasons of Home series. For this year, I wanted to make something that will not only be practical, but also pretty to display at home as we cozy up our nest for the colder days ahead.


Three faux leather belts or genuine leather
Leather hole punch

Wool Blanket

Thick embroidery floss
Compound Glue


Roll up a blanket. Take one of your belts, wrap it around one end of the blanket and mark where the holes will be. Round the end of the belt.

PicMonkey Collage
– Take another belt and cut off the buckle and the area where the holes begin. This one measured approx 18 inches.
– Make a loop on the belt large enough to allow the other belts to fit through.
– Sew it in place with some embroidery thread. Repeat on the other side. ( I added a little bit of compound glue to hold stitches in place)
– Fit both belts around each loop and buckle together.

The belts are inexpensive thriftstore belts, or you can purchase faux leather belts at the Dollar Store.


And that’s it! You have an adorable blanket carrier that you can bring along your next fall picnic or any time a year picnic.

And here are the rest of my talented friend’s inspiring fall projects…


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Here are previous year’s Seasons of Home


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  1. linda mcgilvray says

    Everything you do is beautiful and innovative……I love the wreath, but looks a little above my talents!!
    Keep up the good work

  2. Cheryl says

    Great tutorial. I have one question though. It looks like you sewed this by hand judging by the pic. What stitch did you use so that it will stay secure?

  3. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    What a great idea! Since my dad used to make leather crafting things like wallets, purses and belts, I know he has all of this stuff in the house! I never would have thought of anything like that but leave it to you to do the thinking for me!

  4. says

    Lucy, this is fabulous! And HOW did I not know that a leather punch was a thing?? I need one of those, like yesterday. Your family is so gorgeous, all of you. I had a bit of a yell-y day today with my four year old…the days when I feel present and blessed are so much nicer :/

  5. says

    This is such a great idea! I love seeing your family. Your kids are an amazing combo of you and your hubby. So glad you had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving. xx

  6. Barbara says

    Love the blanket carrier. I also love the way you set up your shots to photograph your projects. This one makes it look so warm and cozy being outside with nature. Your blankets are beautiufl and displayed on the picnic baskets just makes me want to pack lunch and hike to the mountains! Your are an inspiration.

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