Cloth Pumpkin Set Giveaway **NOW CLOSED**


Hello friends, I hope you’ve been enjoying the fall home tours as much as I have.

If you were able to see my tour yesterday, you may remember seeing these beautiful little pumpkins. They were a gift from my friend Becky, who blogs over at Timewashed and has a cute little Etsy shop.



Each pumpkin is handmade by Becky, and she uses only the best design elements. Each comes with a real dried pumpkin stem.


I love how versatile they are and had so much fun displaying them in various places throughout our home.


But I especially love them displayed together. These are so perfect for fall, and best of all, they will last you for years to come.

To celebrate fall, Becky is graciously giving away one set of 6 pumpkins. To enter and be eligible, all you have to do is browse Becky’s Etsy shop and then leave a comment here, letting me know which pumpkin is your favourite.

The entry window closes at 9pm PST on Wednesday September 23rd and I will then use to select the winner, who will be announced on Thursday September 24th.
Note: giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.

Thank you so much for dropping by today…I hope you have a beautiful day.

much love,



  1. Karen Friend says

    What a lovely giveaway, and a lovely Etsy Shop! I especially love the set of the 6 Fabric and Velvet Pumpkins….I would use them all over our Home !!

  2. Debra says

    Definitely the romantic velvet sea mist! As much as I try to stick to a neutral palette, I’m a softie for girly-girl touches. Thank you for a fun giveaway.

  3. Patty says

    The velvet pumpkins with the tapered stems are absolutely beautiful. The color is gorgeous and quality is first class. And.. Have to mention the linen and ticking fabric are a beautiful complement to the velvet. Outstanding fall decor! Thank you. Happy Fall to all – my very favorite season no matter where I live.

  4. Carly Smith says

    I have to say that after all the beautifully articulated twists on her new iconic pumpkins, My eye is always drawn to the classic velvet orange design… Maybe it is the way the gathered folds are highlighted or how the color of the velvet compliments the stem; either way it always causes my eye to do a double take. I think that this particular style may just be bit better than the real thing. Thank you for sharing your lovely home and the magical things you have in it. I always enjoy looking at your fall home decor and your extraordinary blog for continued ideas and inspiration!

  5. Tina says

    The teal velvet , and the aqua velvet and the rustic neutral, and the rich brown….oh, do we really have to choose??? They are so beautiful! thank you for sharing your gifts with us…xo

  6. says

    I think I like the velvet pumpkins that are a mixed set of 6, they are all absolutely adorable! Thanks for the opportunity to win them! I saw you speak at Haven, BTW, and you did a great job! I really learned some great photography tricks. I went straight home and bought a white and a black foam board to use, and they have really helped me out! Thanks for sharing some of your secrets with me!

  7. Lauren says

    If I absolutely have to choose….I’d have to say the aqua velvet is my favorite, but the orange velvet and seaside are at the top of the list too! They are all beautiful, thanks for the Fall inspiration!

  8. Lori Horner says

    I love the gray and white striped one ! These are beautiful and I favorited her wonderful shop! Would love to add these to my home this fall! Thanks for the opportunity !

  9. Ellen Price says

    I just want to reach out and touch them all! Such eye candy too! If I had to pick one, and this is such a tough choice, I would go with the the charming amber velvet pumpkin one. That way, I can display it anywhere in my home. Mind you, the aqua one would go great in the office, the sea mist one and the cottage one, with the driftwood stem (how cute is that!) would bring back memories of the summer….see how hard it was to pick just one!

  10. says

    These are so fun! Thank you for putting together such a wonderful little fall giveaway.

    As for my favorite, I am torn between the rustic tweed pumpkin and the amber velvet pumpkin. Both are so gorgeous!

  11. Deborah says

    I love your pumpkin combination with the ticking and the velvet. I have been to Timewash before and love all of the things Becky makes.

  12. Robin Huffman says

    I love the pumpkins made in the velvet but I think the mixed fabric/velvet set are my favorite. I love the way you displayed them throughout your home! So pretty!

  13. Desiree T says

    Love the antique gold velvet! But love seeing them with the lighter colors and the mix of different textures together!

  14. says

    You have created such lovely displays with those gorgeous pumpkins! I love the little jewel-toned velvet ones and the Orange velvet ones the best, but they are all wonderful!

  15. Marilou says

    Your friend has really mastered the art of making these pumpkins, the extra embellishments are great too. My favorite is the rich antique gold pumpkin sitting on a little silver tray.

  16. Kristin Rotella says

    I am in love with them all, but the Fabric Pumpkins-Velvet Pumpkins-Mixed Set of 6, How could you choose just one??! Fabulous workmanship and an adorable shop!!

  17. Kristen Decker says

    Becky creates some of the best pumpkins on Etsy. Her lovely pumpkins make my house feel like fall with a touch of beachy/coastal all at the same time. My favorites are her velvet in sea mist, so elegant!

  18. Betsy Rivait says

    The pumpkins are all so lovely! I especially like the soft tan velvet and the white washed.. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  19. Kari Beckett says

    I love the orange velvet pumpkins and the ticking fabric ones are super cute too! Thanks for having the giveaway.


  20. Cristina says

    It’s very hard to decide as they are all gorgeous, but may be the velvet ones with the cabochons as they remind me more of the autumn colours and warmth. They look great in your pics.

  21. emily says

    Her shop is so fun! I love the set of 6 pumpkins on her site with ticking, linen and velvet. I also love your display of this set in the basket!

  22. Maria says

    I love them all! But the boho chic ones are my favorite. I love the drift wood in place of the stems. How creative and beautiful!

  23. Kathryn says

    Any of the velvet ones are absolutely darling!!! I would display them on my dining room table, it needs some fall love!

  24. Karen Sweitzer says

    Good morning. . I LOVE your home. I did visit the sweet ETSY shop. I particularly liked the aqua pumpkin, but without the jewel. Loved all of them though. . very pretty for fall.

  25. Melanie Winter says

    I absolutely love the rustic tweed fabric pumpki! So cute!! The ticking strip pumpkins are fantastic too!!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  26. Rebecca says

    I really like the simplicity of the linen boho one. The aqua and jewel tones are very pretty though. The mixed set of 6 is definitely going on my wishlist.

  27. Sharla Frazier says

    I love all the fabric pumpkins she’s made…but, if I have to pick a favorite, it would be the Aqua velvet pumpkin! Gorgeous!

  28. Julie says

    Love the cream colored pumpkins in the basket with brown velvet ones. Also love the idea of the jewels added to stem on pumpkins!! Love-love the neutrals as they work with any décor colors.

  29. patty says

    I absolutely love the fabric and velvet ones. The fabric, the stems. They add a great pop of color while keeping them somewhat neutral. I have never really won anything before LOL. Looking forward to the giveaway!!! Thanks

  30. Summer says

    They’re all so lovely… but I especially love the Tweed pumpkin. Nothing says Fall or prep like the neutral warmth of a tweed fabric!

  31. Karen B. says

    I love all of Becky’s pumpkins but her set of 4 velvet ones are my favorite ones. Thank you for the chance to take part in this giveaway.
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  32. Holly H says

    All of the pumpkins are fabulous but the best has to be the velvet in rich antique gold! They would look so great on any Thanksgiving table.

  33. Laurie Carr says

    It’s so difficult to pick a favorite, they are all so lovely. If I had to choose, I would go with the velvet pumpkins! Thank you for this chance at this contest!

  34. Ellen says

    The Reserved for Abigail
    Are rich in all the Autumn colors that are so vibrant at this time of year.
    A designers palate to make a home chic.

  35. Sharla says

    I love the assortment you have displayed. I love just about any velvet pumpkin, but I really love the combination of neutral fabrics and the rich antique gold velvet. So lovely. Thanks for sharing! (And thank you Timewashed also!)

  36. Ronna Rochin says

    I think I am in love with the sea mist velvet and the aqua velvet, they would give my beachy theme a soft gently touch!

  37. says

    They are so beautiful. Becky’s has done a great job of crafting these lovely pumpkins.
    It’s really hard to choose I like them all.
    Although I would have to choose the white ones because in this region of Eastern Canada, I have never seen any white pumpkins growing. I would like some for decorating, but cannot find any.
    Thanks xo

  38. Kathy says

    So many choices! I love the Rich Antique Gold, Aqua Silk Velvet and the Linen Neutral – Fall Boho Chic. Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. Alexia says

    I love the Fabric Pumpkin-Linen-Neutral Fall-Boho Chic! They’re so refined and gracious with those neutral tones and glamorous toucg

  40. Julia Murphy says

    Love Becky’s Etsy shop and both of your blogs. Beautiful pumpkins! I love the Aqua Silk, but I think my favorite is the Antique Gold Velvet!

  41. Cathy Buckman says

    I thought I loved most of all the pumpkin made with the material that looks like ticking. But the velvet ones are very elegant. I really think I like the mix of textures!

  42. Kay says

    Great site, and I love your Etsy store items, my favorite is the brown velvet, so I will just have to sit with fingers crossed in the hopes that I win!! Thanks for sharing.

  43. Christy says

    Wow! These handmade velvet pumpkins are do cute & pretty. I really like the sparkle do-dads on the white & light blue pumpkins :) I may have to google how to make these for myself! I added Becky’s Etsy shop timewashed to my favorites too :)

  44. Carmellia Wortham says

    Can I say I love them all?!! A lovely Etsy shop and beautiful designs. I think my favorite is the rustic seaside pumpkin, just beautiful! Thank you for the giveaway.

  45. Janel says

    I came from your Instagram account and the mix of velvet and fabric pumpkins together are my favorite. The mix of textures is perfect.

  46. Vicki Moseley says

    Loved them all!! If I could, I would buy all of them for family and friends! Think my favorite is the velvet sea mist as that is a hard color to find in velvet! Also loved the “sweater” pumpkin that had already been sold.
    Thank you for introducing us to a fabulous creative artist on Etsy via your blog which I enjoy browsing though.
    Happy Fall!1

  47. Eileen says

    I like the time washed velvet pumpkins (camel colored brownish). Although I probably like them best when mixed together with her other pumpkins.

  48. says

    I have been a quiet follower of “Timewashed” her blog and her creations are beauitful~ After browsing her sweet store I believe that my very favorite pumpkin is the one that has a ribbon imprinted with the words “By The Sea” I now will become a quiet follower of your wonderful blog too. I do not have a blog much to my family and friends dismay~they have been after me for quite sometime to start one! We shall see maybe for the coming year ‘I just might”~~ Have a lovley day and thank you for allowing me to participate in your giveaway~ Dru

  49. Taberah says

    Hi Lucy,
    What a fab shop! My fave pumpkin, hands down, has got to be the Velvet Pumpkin-Petite-Antique Gold! Thanks so much for offering this giveaway.

  50. Lynn says

    Thankyou for the generous giveaway! I love the rustic tweed pumpkin and the real stems from pumpkins are such a great touch!

  51. Linda Jones says

    Eeenie meanie minie moe, which pumpkin to pick I do not know. Should it be velvet in beautiful gold, or fabric so country it gives a warm glow? Should it be like the mist from the sea or simple and plain just like me? I love them all without a doubt and I just can’t pick any one of them out!

  52. Diana says

    These are gorgeous!!! I love your fall home tour, your pumpkin pillows are stunning!! So sweet of your friend Becky to give away these velvet pumpkins from her own shop. My favorite set is the fabric and velvet mix. Thanks so much happy fall!

  53. Shirley Elliott says

    The velvet pumpkins are my favorite. Probably the orange but the aqua is very pretty also. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  54. April says

    What a great Giveaway! Love these! The jewel toned ones are my favorites! But the neutral ones are just perfect for my decor.

  55. says

    I love the little brown velvet one with the jewel at the stem and trailing ribbons. The more orange colored velvet set is very lovely, too! But, then again, they are all just pretty sweet! =)

  56. Pamela DeLise says

    I love ALL of Becky’s creations…but right now my heart is loving the Fabric Pumpkin/Beach Cottage one. They make my heart smile!

  57. Audra Blair says

    Oh my how lovely the Rich Antique Gold Velvet pumpkins are! What a special treat to stumble across on a windy Thursday. Thank you for the chance to win such loveliness.

  58. Cindy brown says

    I adore the set of six velvet pumpkins-they are gorgeous!! Thanks for this opportunity to win some. Fall is my absolutely fav season!

  59. Jane Binnie says

    Oh my! They are beautiful! Love them all!!, but ESP the the way the light plays off the nap of the velvet! Yummy!

  60. says

    So hard to choose! I actually love the jewel-tones of the ones that are “reserved for Abigail” right now. But they’re all gorgeous. The velvet’s are my favorite.

  61. Vicki Brawley says

    Truly, I loved them all but if I had to pick a favorite I would pick the gray and white striped. I also loved the antique gold and aqua silk pumpkins. Beautiful handcrafted pimpkins!

  62. Judi Johnson says

    I really loved the Sea Mist Velvet Pumpkin. But it was a hard choice narrowing it down to one. If I win I would want the sea mist one.

  63. Victoria says

    I absolutely love Becky’s set of six fabric and velvet pumpkins…the neutral colors and fabulous textures make this a special fall treat for the eyes!

  64. Sherri Lausch says

    I love the velvet pumpkins! They look so rich and classy! Love the color and that these are so versatile. Million ways to display them!

  65. Bambi Mayer says

    I think they are all beautiful but I’m partial to the silk velvet in the aqua color. Thanks for the chance in the great give-away!

  66. Kathy Baize says

    I purchased one of her light natural pumpkins a couple of years ago and I LOVE it!! Now I have my eye on one of the velvet beauties.

  67. Nancy Griffiths says

    Loving all of them…they are adorable! But I think my favorite is the blue velvet seaside ones! The jewels are just the perfect touch!

  68. Robin says

    Oh how I’ve been admiring these beauties which have been popping up all over insta. Be still my heart lol! They are just so pretty and the antique gold set of four are making me want to pet the iPad screen hehe!! I just love the texture and sheen of these and really love the neutral earthy tones the best. The natural stems simply place these pumpkins a notch above the rest.

  69. says

    Becky’s pumpkins are all so pretty it is hard to choose a favorite, but I think the Antique Gold Velvet with the Smoky Quartz jewel has my heart.

  70. Marga says

    The classic velvet pumpkins (set of 4) in rich antique gold are my favorite. But I must admit I love the all…how to choose?!?

  71. Libby says

    Hi Lucy, Thank you so very much for the wonderful and fun opportunity to win such a lovely gift! All of Becky’s pumpkins are beautiful, it’s hard to pick one favorite, but I would have to say her Fabric Pumpkin-Rustic Seaside. That driftwood stem is sooo very creative and cute! I love it! Happy Autumn, Lucy, and thank you!!!

  72. Sherri Jacks says

    How in the wide world could I choose from ALLL the Lovelies!!
    They’re exquisitely made; Beautiful to look at, and Love the none-traditional color/style!!
    Yes, WHAT TALENT!!
    Blessed…and, Thank You for being so generous with this Give-a-Way!!

  73. Cathy Chapman says

    Hi, I love the TIMEWASHED Etsy shop and have shopped them before. I would love the ticking stripe pumpkin and the natural one. I don’t actually see the ticking stripe one in the shop, but I’m sure there will be more. Thanks so much!

    Cathy :-)

  74. says

    Loved them all but especially the petite antique gold one…gorgeous! I browse around etsy often but hadn’t seen this shop. Its’ name is as cute as yours…I don’t know how y’all find these great blog names! Anyway, I absolutely loved your tour (polka dot tea cup!) and thanks for giving us the chance to win your beautiful set of pumpkins,

  75. Wendy says

    Wonderful pumpkins!! What a fun opportunity to enter a giveaway like that! How to choose a favorite? I’ve looked a couple of times now and I guess I love the orange velvet the best, but they are just so beautiful with their companions made from other fabrics like tweed and ticking. Such a lovely fall addition.

  76. Connie hundley says

    How does one choose!? such talent!! I love them all but I’d probably buy the more natural color sets; the mix of the gold velvet with the natural fabric pumpkins. Thank you for the opportunity!

  77. cookie says

    I love the velvet aqua one….all are beautiful but that just” took my eye.” I would just LOVE to win since I am a pumpkin addict.

  78. Patty Soriano says

    Lucy, I’d love to have a Becky Pumpkin! They’re gorgeous! I can’t decide which would be a favorite, although I like the velvet over the other fabrics. Love the jewel tones, but also the brown or mossy green colors! Thanks for a sweet fall giveaway!

  79. Faye says

    Love these! Thanks for the giveaway! I love the jewel-toned pumpkins. But with my decor I would have to go with the rustic white with the birch stem. Just beautiful!

  80. Vicki says

    I love them all…but any of the velvet ones! The colors are exquisite! I have all white walls and can’t change that, so something with pop stands out.

  81. Ellen Braunberger says

    Love the velvet, Had one years ago that left in my Air Force daughter’s duffle and traveled with her! Would love these!

  82. jenni farnes says

    thank you and becky for the most generous giveaway. they are all lovely little things….all of them, but i am drawn to the brown velvet as well as the neutral fall. hard to choose, really. thank you again and thank you for an always inspiring blog.

  83. debbie says

    I love all of your beautiful pumpkins! It’s hard to choose, but I think the antique gold velvet are so rich and look like Autumn! <3

  84. Vickie says purdy…sigh!
    The aqua velvet is darling..
    I was looking for the vertical stipe like yours, but I didn’t see one..sold hopefully.
    Of the fabric pumpkins the coastal beachy ones are perfect for my little beachy bungalow..even the colors of soft blue and the little tag too..lovely one and all.

  85. Barbara Yeatman says

    LOVE the rustic tweed pumpkin. We have a home in the Texas Hill Country and it would be perfect in our home. Love the cream set that she made for you. I mix cream pumpkins in with my Fall decor. She’s very talented. They are all beautiful.

  86. Margie says

    Hi There,

    What a great giveaway! All the pumpkins in Becky’s shop are adorable! My favorites would have to be the neutrals!


  87. Renee Shackelford says

    I love the pumpkins at Timewashed! I think the velvet ones are just luscious! But the seaside ones are a totally different feel for Fall. Thanks to both of you for the chance to win a set of these beautiful pumpkins!

  88. Jennice says

    Ugh! Do I have to choose just one as my favorite???? They are all so beautiful! I love the fall neutral with the patterned material, but I also love the small set of velvet ones! I just forwarded her shop to a friend of mine and she is going nuts over it. Thank you for sharing it!!

  89. Christine says

    After watching you make Christmas wreaths today I was thinking about holiday decorating. Now after seeing these fabulous Timewashed pumpkins I’m in a Fall frame of mind

  90. Susan Lewis says

    All of the pumpkins are beautiful!! I love the Velvet jewel tone petite ones!! Thanks for the opportunity to win the “giveaway”!!

  91. kasey says

    in love with these pumpkins and just started following her the other day! who doesn’t LOVE that antique gold? and I know white pumpkins are everything this year, but there’s something about that sea mist beach cottage that has me swooning!!

  92. Jodi Scott says

    I love ALL of Becky’s pumpkins but especially may have to break down and order the large burnt orange one!! Her craftsmanship and personality brings repeat business.

  93. Judy H. says

    What a delightful spot of serendipity for me to stumble upon this giveaway. I have been admiring the pumpkins in Becky’s Etsy shoppe ever since she started featuring them. In fact, I’ve had a couple of them on my “favorite’s list” on Etsy. They are all so beautiful, but I especially love the Neutral Fall pumpkin. It is so delicate and very different from many of the other fabric pumpkins I’ve seen. I can just picture it in a lovely neutral fall vignette designed in a large oval basket. Thanks for the giveaway.

  94. Cheryl Foley says

    Those pumpkins are just gorgeous! I enjoyed the vignettes you created with them. Any one of them would be a pleasure to own….well, all of them. lol I really liked the Velvet Pumpkin-Aqua Silk Velvet, and the deep orange velvet ones, and the tweed….so many beautiful choices! Thank you for this lovely giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  95. Nancy says

    i adore the idea of making the pumpkins with fabric. I m drawn to the velvet ones and using a real pumpkin stem is genius!

  96. Kristy says

    I LOVED the amber pumpkin with the delightful real stem and the jewel “crown” that sits upon the top next to the delicate Autumn tag. It is gorgeous!

  97. Nee Nee says

    Oh I just love her shop!! Her pumpkins are so sweet and I love them all. The velvet ones are so rich!!
    I would love to win a set of any of them.
    Happy Fall Y’all!

  98. vikki says

    I love all her pumpkins, would love to get even a tiny one, but I think the large aqua velvet one is my favorite. I so love her shop, she is so talented.

  99. Paula Johnson says

    Love how all the pumpkins can be used together to make a statement or used as a couple. Velvet one and striped are my favorites!

  100. Cindy says

    Gorgeous! and so hard to decide! The aqua velvet one [not the after shave ;)] is so dramatic, but I also love the linen ones with the driftwood “stems!” Beautiful shop!

  101. Silvia Fugate says

    I love the Velvet Pumpkins-Sea Mist-Beach Cottage Fall-Coastal Fall. These match the decor I am working on for my dining area perfectly.

  102. Sylvia B says

    They’re all stunning, but the velvet ones call to me. Luscious, plush and just asking to be touched! Thank you for the opportunity to own one.

  103. Mary Ann says

    I love your display with the velvet pumpkins. I would choose the sea mist pumpkin, if I would be so fortunate to win one of these lovely creations!

  104. Felicia says

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite! I love the sea mist with the vintage looking jewelry embellishments. However, they are all so creative and beautiful!

  105. Jessica says

    The set compliments each other so well, but I love the classic look of the gray/sage ticking pumpkins. Your fall displays with the pumpkins are lovely.

  106. chriistina hicks says

    okay! who wouldn’t love these?i’m so a velvet lady,my fave is the petite velvet antique one,but i certainly would be totally be over the moon for ALL of them! thanks for the generous chance to win!

  107. Melody says

    What a great give-away! Love TIMEWASHED blog. All of Becky’s pumpkins are adorable, but I guess I would say my favorites are the BEACHY Coastal ones! Thanks for letting us enter!

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