Pressed fern resin tray

fernresintraycraftberrybush Happy Friday friends. I hope you had a good week.  Today I’m teaming up with some of my dear
Canadian friends again to bring you some beautiful handmade Mother’s day gift ideas.
I think some of the most memorable and thoughtful gifts I have ever received, have been handmade.

pressedfernresintraycraftberrybush I originally wanted to paint some ferns with ceramic paint onto these trays,
but I remembered I had some left over resin from this project and thought it would be
such a neat idea to use it with live ferns. It’s so easy to do and I really love the end result.

Epoxy Resin (available at any craft or art store)
White glue or ModPodge
Live ferns or flowers

ferncollage 1. Choose various kinds of ferns for interest.
2. (not pictured) Place fern between two pieces of paper and iron at low temperature, until fern flattens down.
Or if doing this in advanced, you can press the fern between the pages of a book for 24 hrs.
3.Secure fern onto tray with glue, ModPodge or even a glue stick. Assure that no part of the fern is sticking up.
4. Follow package instructions for the resin. It is very important that you use the exact measurements or  the resin will not set.
5. Allow to dry for 20-60 minutes. If you notice any large bubbles gently ‘pop’ with a tootpick.
6. Let dry for 24-48 hours. Wash thoroughly with warm soapy water.


pressedfernresintraycraftberrybush2 Resin is 100% food safe and can be used to serve food or simply used as a charger. (Do not place in microwave or dishwasher though)

pressedfernresintraycraftberrybush3 I love, love the way the fern looks under the glossy resin. The possibilities for these are endless. Picture herbs, or petals etc.
frontentrancevingettecraftberrybush4 As a matter of fact, I experimented with painting these feather with watercolor onto similar trays,
allowing the paint to dry and pouring resin over it. They turned out so cool don’t you think?

fernplates These can also make beautiful wall art. Just place an adhesive plate hook on the back.

pressedfernresintraycraftberrybush4 I like the look of the fresh fern, but you can press them ahead of time to make them look a little less ‘fresh’.

As mentioned, here are some of the other beautiful handmade gift ideas.
and don’t forget to enter the generous giveaway by our friends at Breville.

Handmade Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Jenn of Clean & Scentsible made Vintage Wood Transfer Photo Coasters
Tara of Suburble put together a Weathered Gift Tray Tutorial
Kristi of Making it in the Mountains shows you how to make a DIY Blanket Ladder
Lucy of Craftberry Bush shows you how to make this Press Fern Resin Tray
Jo-Anna from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs has a recipe for a Lemon Coconut Sugar Scrub
Alex of Northstory made these fantastic Photo Tea Bags
Virginia of Fynes Designs has a free Apron Sewing Pattern
Krista of Happy Housie made a DIY Silhouette Image Tea Towels

Breville giveaway

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  1. says

    I absolutely {adore} this idea Lucy! I’ve been wanting to play around with resin for a while and now I’m thinking I’ve found the perfect project! I love the fresh pop of green the ferns add and those watercolour feathers are gorgeous! LOVE it my friend!

  2. says

    What a pretty idea, Lucy! I love the watercolor feather ones too. I would do a whole gallery wall of your watercolor feathers if I had them!

  3. says

    I love your resin projects Lucy, and I think this one is my favourite…I’m loving the feather watercolour ones you made too! So gorgeous! xo

  4. says

    Once again, you knocked it out of the park. I have a thing for ferns, so I’d love one of these leaning on a shelf in my kitchen. You must give the best Mother’s Day gifts every year. Just one of your creations would melt my heart!

  5. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    Wow! I love this! I didn’t know that resin was food safe though and for that I am glad. I am going to try this with flowers or leaves like fall leaves. How cool would that be? If my sister goes to Elizabeth Park, the oldest rose gardens in the US, I will have her collect some rose petals that fall to the ground. How cool would that be too? I want to make some! I have ModPodge but not the resin. I am going to buy some and some plates too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing this! My sister whose birthday falls on mom’s day this year and my mom will love them!

  6. Molly says

    I actually really love the resin trays, along with the feather paintings. Great idea, will have to try :)

  7. DeeAnn says

    Is the 2 part epoxy at the hardware store the same as more expensive “craft” resin? Is it just as clear?

  8. says

    I absolutely love this idea! I’ll be looking for something to do this to, very soon. But maybe with some real feathers? Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Brittany Swanton says

    Has the green color lasted in these for the ferns? I am looking to make something along these lines as wedding favors. But I don’t want them to fade.

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