Free watercolor doughnut printable(s)


Here is a sweet little Valentine’s idea that popped in my head one night while trying to fall asleep. Yet another one of those ‘I’m brilliant…no one has ever done this before…pure genius’ kind of ideas. Or so I thought. Turns out making miniature doughnuts out of Cheerios is a common thing. And why not? These make perfect doughnuts for the elf on the shelf and super adorable cake sprinkles. I had spent some time creating cute little watercolor doughnut printables to go with this ‘brilliant, no one has ever done this before’ idea, and so I had to share. :)


I began by coating each individual Cheerio with pink chocolate, but quickly realized that would, in hubby’s words, “take a ridiculous amount of time”. So instead, I placed a handful of Cheerios right into the bowl with the melted chocolate and gently stirred, mixing them together until the Cheerios were all nicely coated.


step2 I then spread them out onto wax paper and sprinkled some colorful candy sprinkles on top and…


…made doughnut seeds (also not an original idea).

I am learning to let go of that pressure to create new and ‘original’. Though an idea may have been done before, if I haven’t done it. The minute I try it, it makes it unique and new to me. Because we  all have our own signature style that sets us apart from each other. Whatever THAT may be, THAT is what makes an already ‘been done’ project unique.

I happen to enjoy watercolor. Some might say that’s my unique style, so here I am offering you some free watercolor doughnut printable(s). I created several of them for you to choose from and even included a plain one in case you want to keep it past Valentine’s Day.

I have also included some cute ” ‘DOUGHNUT’ know what I’d do without a friend like you” tags. Did you notice I spelled ‘doughnuts’ two ways my International friends? I aim to please! ha.


sweetvalentineturquoise Watercolorplaindonutprintablecraftberrybush whitedonutwithbordercraftberrybush




You can find all these fun printables HERE

I really enjoy making these available for you, but please remember that these are for personal use only. Should you wish to use any of my printables for commercial use, please send me an email

Thank you all so much for visiting today. I hope to see you later on tonight at The Inspiration Gallery.

much love,



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  1. says

    I love the watercolors, and also what you said about things being “new to you!” It changes the focus from having to be original, to doing what you enjoy. :-)

  2. Kristi Rediske says

    I love your free printables but I am having trouble printing them. I am using an iMac and when i download they don’t show up to print, am i doing something wrong?

  3. says

    This is so creative and beautiful!

    And what you said about relieving yourself of the pressure to create something ‘original’ really resonates with me lately. I completely agree…when you try something for yourself and add your own little twist, the possibilities are endless. And we, as consumers of these ideas, are grateful for all the different versions :)

  4. Joni Hafner says

    trying to print out the plain picture of the pink donut with no text… can’t get the “getter here” button to produce anything…. help!

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