Watercolor Flamingo Wallpaper

Hello friends. Today is the last week
of the One Item Project Challenge,
hosted by my friend Shauna.

Let me bring you up to date in case you missed it.

On week one, we were challenged to use twigs
and I used driftwood to make this handsome fella.

On week two, we used fabric as hubby
and I built this X-leg upholstered bench.

And this week, we used wallpaper.
I am particularly excited about this project as the
wallpaper has one of my watercolor designs on it. :)

Spoonflower makes it so easy to download
and pick the pattern that you want.

Here’s an extreme close up of it. 
It’s hard to capture the detail with the camera but
I was impressed with the quality and the color of the
wallpaper, as it remained true to the actual art work.

If you recall a few weeks ago, I shared our daughter’s room,
which has a little en-suite bathroom, and I thought this
would be the perfect opportunity to give it a little makeover.

 Here is the dreaded before photo.
Pretty sad looking, but a blank canvas.

 We started by removing the horrible builder’s light fixture and mirror.

 Only to discover the builders had made an additional
HUGE hole beside the actual electrical hole (?).

I was really worried about the removal of the mirror and was
getting all of the safety gear necessary for hubby, but by the time
I got back upstairs, he had already removed it. I would recommend
taping your mirror in a criss-cross pattern and using safety
gloves and glasses prior to removing a mirror from a wall.

Often times, these builder mirrors are glued generously to the
wall and they can shatter. Lucky for us, it only had one line of
adhesive running through the centre. It left a bit of a mark,
but it did not rip the drywall. We filled in the holes, sanded the
wall down and wiped it very well prior to adhering the wallpaper.

I decided to order the peel and stick wallpaper from Spoonflower
Peel and stick is less of a commitment should we want to remove it
later on and putting the wallpaper up was actually fairly simple.

I do recommend a friend to help you though…:) 

And after a couple of hours…

Ta-da….a pretty, feminine and chic little girl’s washroom :)
I wish I had my own bathroom growing up, but
we had to share a tiny little bathroom between 7 of us.

The best part of a project is bringing the accessories in, don’t you think?

And the worse part of doing a bathroom makeover is trying
to get decent photos. It’s such a small space with no windows
and the poor lighting gives it a yellowish glow :(

Our daughter often speaks of visiting Paris and loves
anything Eiffel tower. So of course, I painted this quick
little sketch for her using gold paint and some glitter.

We will eventually replace the faucet and vanity, but
we wanted something that was cost effective for now. :)

I’m so happy we decided to wallpaper this space,
but what makes me happier is seeing our little
girl’s face and hearing her say…’I love it’  

Thank you once again for sharing a little bit of your day with me.

Have a beautiful day.

Much love,
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  1. says

    Your custom wallpaper turned out so good! Your daughter must be thrilled to have a bathroom decorated just for her! Unfortunately, we didn’t have such luck taking down our mirror. I had to scrape layers of black glue off and fill a few times- ugh! Thanks for playing along the past few weeks. So much fun seeing what everyone did!

  2. says

    Very cool Lucy! Isn’t Spoonflower the best?! You did an amazing job….just goes to show you that you should have a wallpaper line ;) If Anna Rifle has done it, so can you lol! Was thinking of you when I was in Anthro the other day…they had a tree ornament that was a porcelain white tube of paint ~ thought it would be perfect for you! Best, Jackie

  3. says

    Your painting as a wallpaper is just fabulous! Love that print….plus with the added beadboard and wood trim just makes it all kick together so nicely! Gives it a sweet beachy cottage feel. An what a difference a mirror can make too! I would have loved a bathroom like that when I was little. Cute and classy and I can see why your daughter would have loved it….and moms designed wall paper just makes it even more special. Very beautiful!

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