A simple fall centrepiece and daydreaming

The cold autumn rain falls outside our window. 
Its soothing  sound telling me to stop 
doing everything and head back to bed. 
I stop and stare at the wet rooftops and the little pond that has formed
inside a hole our puppy dug in the summer. 
 I can see how the raindrops form little glass like crowns as they hit
 the ground and think to myself, how magical rainfall truly can be. 
In the distance, I hear the cry of a crow being interrupted by the 
distinct sound of geese flying by. 
I wonder  if they are greeting each other, or if like humans, 
birds speak different languages. 
I start to daydream about their destination and picture
 them gathering and loudly discussing their journey. 
I suddenly realize that I have been daydreaming and must refocus. 
Time to talk about this easy centrepiece I put together
 with red pears and hydrangeas in 
a silver bowl.  
But I’m quickly hypnotized again 
by the sound of the rain and its
lulling song.  



  1. says

    The sound of rain always makes me what to curl up in bed with the windows open and read a book. I am so happy you were able to focus long enough to post such lovely photos of your centerpiece. LOL. truly lovely.

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