Summer House Tour 2014

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.

I am honored to be joining 23 other bloggers as we share our
homes – all decorated for summer – in the hopes of offering some inspiration.

 Welcome to our humble home.

I decided to not hang wreaths this summer and just
keep the front entrance very simple.  We painted our doors
black a couple of years ago and I still love how they look.

In the summer, our home takes on a beachy feel as I have always
loved nautical decor and summer is the perfect time to embrace it.

The combination of blue, orange and white is one of my favorites.

 I’ve mentioned previously that our home has an open plan concept, which
can sometimes be challenging to decorate.  A good tip to use in open
plan homes such as this, is to divide the space using furniture, rugs and
sometimes wallpaper.  In this case, I simply placed the chair facing away
from the dining room to make a distinct living room and dining space.

 You can see how I made these pretty large
buoys to go with our nautical decor HERE

 If you haven’t been here before, let me introduce you to
our pup Brody.  He tends to photobomb my photos quite
often, but how can you resist that handsome little face?

 A little while ago I transformed this IKEA table
into a faux farm table (you can read about HERE).

I am really enjoying all the mismatched chairs, though hubby
doesn’t appreciate it as much. :(  he still lets me do my thing.

 I love my blue and white porcelain plates and wanted to incorporate
them again this year.  I will share more of the hutch later on in another post.

 I recently shared the awesome sideboard hubby built
for me.  It hasn’t changed that much since then…

…but I did add a few pretty cloches with various items
that have meaning to our family.  These are shells collected from
our travels, most recently from our weekend in Maine.

Similarly ,these rocks were collected by the kiddies during our trip.
These small mementos are the little details that make a house a home.

We found this old door on the side of the road and I simply attached
a very inexpensive door mirror to it, just to give it more interest.

Moving on to the family room, which has the same coastal feel as the rest of the home.
I kept the mantel very simple again this year
 I love these blue tie dye pillows from Target…:)

 If you ever decide to grow a terrarium under a cloche, you
will be amazed at the lack of effort required to keep it alive.
This room does receive a lot of sunlight, so perhaps that’s
why I have not had to water the terrarium for about a month.

 Another little shell collection, this time displayed in a Canvas Corp tray.

 I simply painted it, lined it with dictionary paper and glued some shells.
So pretty and meaningful.

 The grass in the backyard is starting to fill in nicely.
You can see the rest of this sitting area HERE

 And my pretty little hanging centrepiece is still thriving…:)

 I just love summer and the bright and sunny days!  Don’t you?
I hope you found some inspiration within these photos.

Please don’t forget to visit the rest of my friends for more inspiration. 


  1. says

    Love your hutch with the blue and white plates mixed in with the soft aqua. So calming and beachy – just lovely! Your home looks so light and airy all decked out with beach decor – so inviting.
    I have a question for you – how do you keep all your white furniture clean with kids and a dog? Does it stay clean or how do you clean it? I’ve been thinking of getting lighter furniture, but the dog lives on the back of the sofa where he can look out the window and figured he would ruin the sofa. Any advice?

    • says

      Hi Cindy ! Thank you for visiting. To be honest, it hasn’t been too difficult keeping the furniture clean because we have a family room and that’s where all the action usually takes place. I do have slip covered furniture, which I have had to wash a couple of times. We’ve had our pup for about a year and there are moments when I do want to cry when I see his paw prints on the floor and sometimes the couch. But I have become very diligent in cleaning his feet before he comes back in from outdoors. I personally love white furniture and the effort is worth it to me…:)

  2. says

    Just lovely, Lucy! I should actually use a cloche for what it’s intended purpose is ~ I’ll bet a fern would look great under one in a vignette, too. : ) Love your other cloche displays with the shells and rocks. The mirrored door was a great idea. I am thinking I will just do something similar and return the somewhat expensive one I picked up from Hobby Lobby last week.

  3. says

    Lucy, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love all your paintings and the sea shell collections. Oh, and your blue and white dishes. You know me and blue and white. x

  4. says

    Your home is so beautiful, Lucy. I absolutely love your mismatches chairs- my husband would likely have the same approach as yours but I would love to do that. So much fresh bright white everywhere and so many stunning little hits of colors- so perfectly and artistically styled!! Just gorgeous!!

  5. says

    I love your home Lucy! So fresh and light and the hats and baskets hanging are just gorgeous. Your artwork is also so unique! I’ve decided that Brody MUST meet Cal! ;) He seems as sweet with gentle eyes… So happy to be in the House Tour with you. I love your home! xoxo

  6. says

    So so so lovely. It’s so fun to be able to bring in a few fresh colors and transform your home with each season. You’ve done an excellent job, as always! Pinned.

  7. says

    You have a lovely home! I just love the light, and airy feeling- perfect for summer! Your painting on your mantle is lovely. The rocks collected by your children make such a sweet statement! Kari

  8. says

    I love your home and I’m especially in love with the Seagull painting! (I just bought one of your prints as the inspiration piece for the basement we’re currently remodeling).

  9. Sheila says

    Your dog, Brody, is beautiful. Is it an Australian Shepherd? Our family lost Maggie, our golden retriever, last September. We’ve been looking for a breed known for being good-tempered; a children’s dog. Maggie was an excellent dog and we had her for 11 years but the kids want a breed that isn’t quite as big. You have a lovely home and I will be subscribing! Thank you!

  10. Monet McCarthy says

    I love the beach decor. My favorite is the bird on the beach art in the living area. Where can I purchase one?

  11. Aimee says

    I found this page via pinterest! Absolutely stunning photos of your home! I’ve been looking high and low for couch covers like yours to no avail…. where can I purchase these?

  12. Drew says

    Do you have white couches in your living room and your family room? I am thinking of dong that and wondering if it will be too much your thoughts ?

  13. Drew says

    Do you have white couches in your living room and your family room? I am thinking of dong that and wondering if it will be too much

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