How to plant succulents in a birdcage

I’m excited to share with you this sweet little bird cage 
planter I made over the weekend using some
 spreading succulents. I knew these would be
 perfect for this type of planter as they do not require too much water. 
I was a little nervous about the process but other than it being a little messy,
 it was pretty easy to put together. 
Doesn’t it look pretty? 
I have always loved chicks and hens, I especially love that they are so resilient. 

Here is a brief tutorial on how to plant succulents in a birdcage.
 Line the bottom of the cage with a paper or plastic plate or a piece of cardboard cut to size.
Place a small amount of sand on the plate. The sand aids in the absorption of water. 
Line the inside of the cage with sheet moss.
 Remove succulent from pot and place in centre of the cage as desired.
Remove some of the soil to expose the roots . 
 Place roots trough the wire slots from the outside
 and pour some potting soil in the inside of the cage to cover roots. 

 Cover with moss as you go along to prevent the soil from spilling out through the slots. 
Continue this process until you are satisfied with the results. 
 Brush off any dirt that might have gotten caught in between the leaves
and give it a good spray. 
These guys don’t mind whether they are planted in the shade or in the sun. 
But I have found that they do a little better when they are not in direct sun. 
It is important that you do not over water succulents,
 a good tip is that the thicker the leaf the less water they require. 
A good soak once a week will suffice and keep them going for days to come. 

Do you have any tips you would like to share for keeping a 
beautiful and thriving succulent garden?
Do tell….
Oh! and please come  back tomorrow
 to  link up your own plants or flower projects ! 
I can’t wait ! 
Tiffany from Living Savvy
Angie from Echoes of Laughter
Lucy from Craftberry Bush (that’s me!)
Dawn from Inspired Living
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See you tomorrow…xo 


  1. says

    Oh my! This is gorgeous! Great minds think alike! I just made a bird cage planter too with regular plants though as a house warming gift to my friend. Will post on the blog next week. Aren’t they so cute?

  2. says

    Hi Lucy. I adore this! I would love to create something similar. I hope you don’t mind, but I plan to link to your post in a post I plan to go live tonight, using your top image. If you’d rather I didn’t, do let me know and I shall remove it immediately. I’m not entirely sure what the protocol is for such things.

  3. Jeanette says

    I water my succulents with a Spray bottle! Easy, even coverage and helps prevent spider mites – also, helps prevent over-watering.

  4. Lesley says

    I did this year b4 last. It lasted two years but nothing came back this year. I didn’t do the sand so I will be trying that this time around. Thanks

  5. Em says

    I absolutely love this! I love anything that pairs succulents and old metal! You must live somewhere that succulents grow in abundance, though! Lol! Ughhhh, unfortunately for me, though, they must not in my area, bc I went to the best garden/flower seller in my area (and by best, I really mean, best lowest priced plant grower/seller around) and they were selling them in mixed 6 packs, for 12.99 + tax. They had them in only the 6 packs, and each little section had a single little plant. And, every one of them, we’re mixed 6 packs…. I was sooooo disappointed! I wouldn’t even have minded if they at least sold the same type of succulents in the 6 packs, even tho, at $12.99, it’s kind of up there! Lol! I’ve seen the seeds sold, but haven’t researched into the work it entails, and, lol, I’m a afraid, only bc I’m thinking, if it was that easy, people would be doing it all the time, and grower/sellers wouldn’t be able to charge as much?! Lol, I don’t know, but I do know, I love this and I have the cage, I just have figure out how to get the plants…. Cheaper! Lol! Thanks so much for the tutorial! It’s def bookmarked!

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