How to age terracotta pots – three methods

Now that Spring is really here to stay and we can get outside and do a little gardening, I wanted to share with you a post I shared over at my friend’s Aimee from It’s overflowing a couple of weeks back – How to age terracotta pots, three different ways. 
I love the look of old chippy pots, even when they’re just sitting there empty they look charming, don’t you think? 
Last month, I shared our Spring mantel 
 The mantel doesn’t look like this anymore, but my little pots are still being displayed throughout the house…:) 
There are various ways to age pots, but
these are the methods I use that work for me.

1. Paint a thick layer towards the top of the pot and with a dry brush technique, spread the rest of the paint around the pot. 
2. With a moist paper towel, remove some of the paint and allow pot to dry.
3. Paint another thick layer of paint.
4. Before the paint completely dries (and is tacky to the touch), rub the paint off with your fingers.  The paint should come off, leaving a chippy look to the pot. 
5. With a wet paper towel, gently wipe off all the paint from the areas where you removed the paint (optional).

1. Paint pot with watered down white paint and while still wet, spread it with the palm of your hand. 

1. Similar to method 1, paint a thick layer of paint over the top area of pot and allow to dry.
2. Using various shades of green, stipple paint over pot. This will create the look of moss. 
3. While paint is still drying, rub it off with your fingers and repeat steps 1 and 2 (if needed) until you achieve an old mossy look.
Old mossy, chippy terracotta pots…how fun and how perfect  for your garden.
Which reminds me, don’t forget to come back tomorrow as we kick off the Outdoor Extravangaza – Tomorrow will be ,flowers and plants 

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And then on Wednesday, you can share your own project right here in a linky party !  
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See you tomorrow ! 
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