Hanging succulent centrepiece tutorial

Hello friends!  I hope you all enjoyed a great Memorial Day.
Last weekend was the Canadian long weekend, but as hubby
works for a U.S. firm, he had Memorial Day off and we spent the
entire day together soaking up the sun and just hanging out.
It has been so long since we spent “just us”
time doing nothing. It was absolutely wonderful.
 He also helped complete this sweet little hanging succulent
centrepiece, just in time for this week’s Outdoor Extravaganza.
I’m not sure if this will fit the theme as this week we were
to take on paint projects.  But since I had to use spray paint
and the fun Tattered Angels paints, I thought it might pass
 as a paint project.  Here is a quick tutorial on how I made it.

I purchased an inexpensive metal tray from the DS, making sure
it was sturdy enough to handle the weight of the plants.  I then
spray painted it with black outdoor spray paint by Krylon.  Hubby
drilled 4 holes at (almost..ha) the same distance from each other.
Note: Next time, I would drill the holes prior to spray painting.
I wanted to achieve a cast iron look so this part was a bit of trial and error.
But I think I achieved it by mixing Tokyo glimmer mist and the Soft Pewter.
Prior to placing the plants, I placed the twine through the holes and
made a large enough knot at the end to hold it securely in place.
I then filled the tray with some dirt and placed the succulents all around
the circumference of the tray.  I then placed more dirt to cover the roots and
set three pillar candles in the centre.  Lastly, I covered the dirt with moss.
I think I will be replacing the candles with citronella
candles for our late evenings to make it a little more practical.
(disclaimner: always monitor candles and do not leave unattended)
I have been having so much fun with these succulents and
have one more project to share sometime next week. :)
So there you go…this week’s Outdoor Extravaganza project.
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.
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Thank you so much for visiting today.  
I hope you can come back tomorrow for our last Outdoor Extravaganza
linky party and share your paint projects with us. 
much love,



  1. says

    Gorgeous project! I love that you’re on a succulent kick this year (I was last year and still love them)! Yes, I think this fits with this week’s theme just perfectly. Isn’t spray paint the best?
    Glad you were able to spend some rest and relaxation time with your husband. Somehow we seem to drag them into our projects and create weekend chaos, wouldn’t you say? I’m going to start tapering down some of the DIY on weekends so we can start really enjoying summer.

  2. says

    Lucy I love this project, it’s gorgeous. My little terrarium is still looking good, and I’m loving all the succulent projects you’re sharing.

  3. says

    Lucy, I love this! What a great idea.I always enjoy your creativity. I received my phone case with your beautiful jar floral watercolor on it. Love it and think of you and your kindness when I pull it out of purse everyday!

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