Rustic Sideboard and Hat Wall – Inspire Me DIY Challenge Reveal

 Hello friends!  I hope you’re enjoying the Memorial Day long weekend.
We have had beautiful weather of late and have enjoyed being
outside with family and friends.  Ahh..I just love summer!
As you may know, some of my friends and I challenged you all of
last week to join us in the Inspired DIY project.  We shared several
peeks on our Instagram feeds and it has been a lot of fun seeing what
everyone has been working on.  Today is the day we reveal our
projects and so without further adieu, I present to you my project…
As some of you may know from previous home tours, we have
an open spaced home and though spacious, there is one particular
wall that seems to go on for miles.  I have been wanting to build a
sideboard substantially big enough to fill that long space and place
either a gallery wall with family photos or my own paintings.

So when the “#InspiremeDIY” challenge came up, I knew this was
exactly what I wanted to get done.  Ta Da!  Well, I kinda cheated as
hubby is the one who built not just one, but two of them.  Given their size,
I think two might be too much, so I decided to place just one for now.
It’s simple and rustic and I love it!
We used various sizes of pine and a few weathered planks
from an old fence we had sitting in the garage for a couple of
years.  I decided to leave the old planks as untouched as I
love the combination of the white and the gray together.

I’m so happy with it and can’t wait to change
it up with the seasons…or just because.
So there you have it…my “#InspiremeDIY” challenge
done and one more item off my to do list.
Did you join along?
If you did, I would love to visit your place, so please
leave a link to your post in the comments and I’ll select a
few to highlight on my FB account this week. 

Make sure you also head over to these
lovely ladies’ blogs to see what they did:
Thank you so much for joining us and for visiting today!
Happy Memorial Day!



  1. says

    I adore this!!!! Very much my style! What colour of white did you use? I have a credenza that has been waiting for the perfect white, and I think I’ve just found it! ;)

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