A fleeting season…

My fingers find themselves dancing over the keyboard, 
knowing exactly where to go as they do this familiar waltz everyday.  
My eyes glance at the clock and I realize that once again, 
time is working against me. Some days feel like they are dictated by the clock. 
It seems to yell at you with authority. 
Reminding you that you are under its ruling. 
So you work under its dictatorship carefully trying to  
not disobey its commands.  
 I have felt a little overwhelmed with deadlines this week and though they are all exciting and I feel blessed with the opportunities, I am feeling the dictatorship of time. 
I took these photos last week, but only got to download them today. 
Aren’t these Hyacinths just so beautiful, too bad they don’t last very long.
Just like Spring time, it’s here and just like that, it’s gone. 
It was a beautiful Spring day today, but I felt trapped by time.
 I had to force myself to let go of the tasks and
 tend to the things that matter most, my family. 
So we strolled through nature with our dog, made cheesy pizza and rode bikes.
Yes, the tasks are still there to be done, but my heart feels content. 
 I was reminded once again that If you
 allow the clock to rule your days, you will miss the
 beauty that surrounds you in this beautiful fleeting season called life.   

Have a great day friends. See you soon. 

Here I show you an easy way to dress up any vase or container by simply attaching a piece of cardstock with some twine. 
Cardstock blue and ivory mini dot by Canvas Corphere
Hemp grey – here



  1. says

    Oh Lucy…I’m under the gun this week (and next) too…sigh. I’m trying to walk outside and eat lunch in the sunshine, away from my computer…away from my projects spread out in the kitchen,the garage – oh, and the dining room. Saying a prayer for you today, that you are able to take several time-outs to breathe in your moments my friend xo

  2. says

    What a beautiful post, plus it is so true we need to spend time with our family and not always get buried in work.
    Enjoy the beautiful Spring and let it seep into your soul.
    Hugs Kay

  3. says


    This is so where my heart is right now…needing to lay down projects and pick up bike rides. We went on our first one last night and it was glorious. And yes, those hyacinths are BEAUTIFUL! :-)


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