Seasons of Home, Winter Edition – Super quick hand warmers

Hello everyone!  I hope your week is going well so far.
I am so happy to once again be teaming up with some of my best bloggy friends
to bring you another edition of Seasons of Home. This time, the Winter edition.

Truth be known, we have been planning this one for a little
while, but since I tend to leave everything last minute and as I
was not planning on getting sick for such a long period of time, I
had to come up with something super quick to share.

Since we are talking winter and we are experiencing one of the coldest winters
ever, I thought it would be appropriate to make some cute little hand warmers.

 Not only are these so sweet and would make a cute little Valentine’s gift, but they
are going to keep my hands nice and toasty during my walks with this guy.  Because
he does not know the meaning of hibernation, in fact, he loves this weather.

Cut a portion from the sleeve of a sweater and sew one of the openings.
Fill it with rice, sew the end and done!  Heat for 30 seconds and put in your
pocket prior to heading out.  The rice keeps warm for up to 15-20 minutes.

I added a few drops of mint extract to the rice, but you can
add any other oils, rose petals, lavender etc.  Just make sure the
rice is completely dry prior to putting it into the pouch.

I also made these cute little hearts out of felt.
Wouldn’t these make cute Valentine’s gifts?

I made a little printable in case you decide to make some…:)

Click on image to enlarge. Save and print. 

So there you go – a super, duper easy winter
craft to keep you warm through the season.

Please make sure you stop by my friend’s blogs.

Have a cozy day!
much love,

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    It brought a smile to my face when you said your doggie loves this weather. He is ADORABLE! Love this sweet idea. Makes a great thoughtful little gift. :)

    Stay Warm!

  2. says

    What a great and cute idea! We dont even have any snow here in Eastern WA, but it is cold. Lucy, I love your amazing home and I’m grateful I found your blog, it gives a lot of inspiration to me. Thanks– ♥Angie

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