Bleached Drop Cloth Winter Pillow

I’m a bit of scaredy cat when it comes to the sewing machine, but I have been wanting to make a couple of pillows out of some bleached drop cloth left over from another project. So today, I put my big girl panties on and went for it!  And look what I made – two pretty pillows.  I know, I know, woopty doo!  But honestly for me, the sewing machine is incredibly intimidating.  
But I loved working with the bleached drop cloth and think
they turned out ok.  Have you ever worked with bleached drop cloth?
I love the texture, it’s like an old worn pair of jeans.
Sadly, I had to wear my winter coat today while walking the pup as it’s
beginning to feel really chilly and dare I say, it felt like…..winter (thus the
decision to make a winter pillow).  With so many possibilities, I kinda want
to keep sewing more and more pillows, but I wouldn’t count on it. ;)

Thank you so much for dropping by, I hope
to see you later on at The Inspiration Gallery.
much love,
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  1. says

    Lucy, the pillows are gorgeous! Makes me want to go and stencil some pillows today-lol.

    I love making pillows and I’ve made so many over the years. Pop by and see some mine sometime.

    Pillows are a great way to become “un-intimidated” (is that a word?) with sewing because they’re generally quick and easy to make and the process will give you the confidence to try new sewing techniques and projects.

    Sew, sew and sew some more. The more you sew, the better you’ll get. You’ll surprise yourself.

    Have a great day,


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    Lucy these are lovely. Really, really nice, love the stencil. My girls wore mittens to school today, I think our warm fall weather is officially finished. Oh well, Christmas to look forward too. ;)

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    Great job! I think with the chilly days it somehow brings the craftiness out of us. I know I have been happily making big messes this week and it’s been awesome. A little bit of sewing and painting is good for the soul.

  4. says

    I’m with you on the sewing! I was spoiled for many years when my mom lived close and I would just hand her things to do! Very intimidated by the sewing machine! Maybe it’s time for my big girl panties as!! Thanks for the inspiration.

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    Good Morning from Vancouver…*gorgeous* pillows… LOVE them…well done! This has inspired me to buy a drop cloth…have noticed them in Home Depot…. thank you and cheers, Valerie :)

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    Could you maybe give us a quick tutorial on the pillows, did you use a stencil, what type of paint! Inquiring minds need to know. Thank you so much, they are fabulous!!! (The sewing machine intimidates the heck out of me and the worse thing is I can’t sew a straight line.)

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    Lucy I jut LOVE THESE…..pinning for sure. I have a question about the BLEACH part. Did you bleach the fabric before sewing? If so, did you do it in the washer or soak the fabric in a tub?
    Chrsitine from Little Brags

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    I purchased my 6×8 foot drop cloth at Lowe’s last week for only $8. After washing is soft and will probably keep me making pillows for a month. I bet Lucy bleached it first as mine is a light muslin color. I’m in the process of making holiday pillows but HATE how my stenciling turned out using fabric paint – too heavy even with a light hand, it just didnt want to absorb in at all. I am hoping that Lucy used stenciling cremes? How do they hold up after washing is my questions? Lucy can you help us out??

  9. says

    So simply gorgeous! I am in love with drop cloth! How did you bleach it? Or can you buy the stuff already bleached?
    I would love to share this on my blog next week if you don’t mind. I love it!
    Elizabeth @ Real Inspired

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