For the Love of Home – a Fall Hutch

The changing of the seasons provides an opportunity to also change the
decor in our homes.  While I truly enjoy the process and look forward to the
changes, being a blogger can unfortunately sometimes mean decorating not just for decorating.
  It becomes about having new and exciting decor ideas,
being first to the punch, following trends or even better, setting trends.  

Grooming your home becomes more of a ‘have to’, than a ‘want to’.
In my opinion, a home is your nest, your haven, and decorating and
taking care of it should be done for the right reasons. 

As I looked back at the pictures I took of the hutch last year,
it admittedly looks very similar to this year’s version.  I worried a little
as I want to be ‘new and improved’ and thought of changing it, but
then realized if I did,  I would be changing it for the wrong reasons.

If I changed it, it would’t have been because I disliked it.

In all honestly, I liked last year’s hutch and I guess that’s why it’s
not that different this year.  I did change the colour scheme a little so to
coordinate with the table setting and the mantel, but not much more. 

But I  still love the off white of the baby boos
against the pure white of the porcelain bowls.

The soft greens of the hydrangeas.

And the silver against the white plates.

I love that it’s simple.

And I especially love that our home will always be
decorated for the love of home and always done with LOVE. 

Thank you so much for stopping by.
 I hope you come back later on tonight for
 The Inspiration Gallery. 

Until then, have a great day!

much love,
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  1. says

    This is just gorgeous. I love the pumpkins in white and the hydrangeas being used. The ones in the tarnished silver, which I love, is my Favorite. You have such a lovely home. I am glad I found your blog to follow. I would love for you to follow Cloches and Lavender back!


  2. says

    In normal life I only decorate for Fall, Christmas and every day decor. So I kind of made the decision that even as a blogger I would do the same. I love your fall hutch and I also love that it represents you! :-)


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