Fall at our Front Door…and some thoughts

Happy new week friends!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend. 
We have been blessed with beautiful fall weather these
past few days, giving us a chance to enjoy the outdoors.
The leaves are slowly getting ready for their last dance and
the landscape will soon change to its magnificent display of colour. 
They will gloriously sway in the wind one day, and then quickly fall to
the ground forming a red carpet at our feet.  And as we look beyond into the
horizon, the trees will be bare and naked as nature starts its long slumber. 
Fall is like that – fleeting, transient and like life.  If you don’t
stop to appreciate its beauty, it passes you by and you have
missed the colourful show that the everyday brings.
There are days when I am here, taking it all in and appreciating the colour of life; but
there are days when routine and the robotic rhythm of time takes over and suddenly the
day is gone.  I find myself wishing I had hugged a little tighter or prayed a little longer. 
You can’t go back in time, but fortunately, the present gives you
another chance to do what you wish you could have done yesterday.
Wishing you a beautiful new week! 

much love,

Click on the photo to see the before and after of our entry way 

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  1. says

    Your front entry is wonderful! I love all the Fall elements you combined to create a very welcoming feel. Such good reminders as well of life that can be fleeting, and taking time for those special moments.
    Mary Alice

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