The Inspiration Gallery week 42

It’s that time again.
To inspire and be inspired 
at The Inspiration Gallery. 

Before we begin, we would like to take a moment to THANK 
each of you who expressed interest in co-hosting with us.  
The response was so overwhelming, as we received more 
applicants than we can fit in the year.  But we will keep 
everyone’s name to hopefully co-host in the near future.

We are so excited to kick off our first week of the Inspiration Gallery with a co-host!  
We are so pleased to have Janel here with us today from Nellie Bellie.  

She has some serious inspiration going on at her blog and we hope you will 
pay her a visit.  But then, how can you not? Look at some of her amazing work! 

Connect with Janel here: 
BlogFacebookTwitter and Instagram

Connect with me here: BlogFacebookPinterest and Instagram 

DDD Collage Week 42
Fourth of July Favors 
 DIY Magnets : Tea Party Bridal Shower

Connect with Taryn : Facebook ¦ Pinterest ¦ Google+ ¦ Twitter ¦ Instagram

Connect with Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy here: 
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