Front entry/mudroom – before and after

Hello!  I hope you all had a good weekend.  We had a very productive weekend and today I’m sharing the fruits of our labour. 

A little while ago, I picked up this old piece at our local thrift store ($12.99) to hang in our entry way.  I thought I had taken more before, after and during photos, however this gives you an idea of the original state of the piece. 

After some love, care and a little bit of hard work from hubby, this is what it looks like now.  Rather than just hang it freely on the wall, we decided to build a simple bench/cubby space and add wood panels to extend into the piece to give a sense of continuity.  
 I love its country feel.

As much as I try to deviate from country decor, I keep coming back to it.
We had picked up these old hooks at my favourite little shop near the cottage last summer as I’ve been wanting to transform this little space since then…so happy it’s done. 

Hubby did such a great job bringing my vision to life (thanks boo).
This little space is going to be so useful to hang our coats, drop our keys etc. 
 And I of course can’t wait to dress it up with the seasons…
The middle shelf encloses the light switch and alarm panel.  The alarm panel is hidden by a simple Ikea frame and I owe it to hubby to point out it is the light switch that the builders had installed that is not straight…not his cuts.

I love this little space and it makes me so happy to know another little part of our home is complete. 
Here is a quick before and after photo…

And speaking of before and after, while hubby was building our little mudroom entry way, our floors got neglected but I can’t wait to show you how I gave these dirty old tiles a new life! 
Make sure you come back tomorrow – I might just have an amazing little gift for you..,;)

In the mean time, have a great start to your week! 

much love,


  1. says

    You and your hubby did a great job! It’s a beautiful piece and area. It must be so great to get things done while working together on something and both enjoy it.
    I’m busy painting the kitchen. A HUGE job I have to tackle all by myself; no hubby helping or making visions come alive, it is just not his thing. But as I move along and see bits and pieces done, I can totally imagine how you must feel.

  2. says

    Lovely, and there’s a touch of you all over it… :)

    I’ve been begging my husband to tackle the area behind our front door! I’m adding this to my front entry inspiration board at Pinterest. Looks like you and I have the same to-do list: my grout in the bathroom is home enemy #1.

    Hope you are well…

  3. says

    Girlfriend, this needs to be on the front cover of a Magazine!! Seriously!! It’s beyond LOVELY!! So, simple, fresh and sweet! Can’t wait to see your floors and this gift your hiding from us {wink*} have a lovely week!

  4. says

    Lucy-What a great addition to your entry. I really love how you built a simple base to marry the top. It turned out great. I really love it! Can’t wait to see what you did with your tiles- xo Diana

  5. says

    Love, love it! I laughed when you pointed out the light switch not being straight, I did notice it right away lol. Electrians are notorious for that, I see it all the time. But thankfully your beautiful cabinetmaker did a wonderful job on disguising their flaw. Great job Boo. :)

  6. says

    This project is amazing!!

    Thank you so much for sharing it!!

    You are so creative and have a beautiful artistic spirit, Lucy!!

    I found your blog just a short time ago…and have loved following it!!

    In fact–on busy days, when I don’t have much time to pick up mail–YOURS is one that I will open–since it’s sure to be infused with beauty and creative inspiration!!!

    I’m a Canadian too–so have been “enjoying” our cold, snowy and gray days too!! lol

    You mentioned buying the hooks for this project from one of your favourite shops—do you mind sharing which one it is–and where? I’d love to check it out if we are ever near there.

    Again, much, much thanks for ALL of your work in sharing this beautiful blog with us!!
    Lisa Hains

  7. says

    Your husband did a great job building your functional and pretty entry piece. He managed to make the light switches accessible and disguised them at the same time. You have also made it look so pretty with the accessories and the vintage hooks. I wish our entry was big enough for one. I agree that you will have fun styling it with the seasons.

  8. says

    Great entryway! I love how you say as much as you try you can’t seem to deviate from the country look – I am SO with you! I love other looks and try to incorporate them, but keep coming back to cozy country!

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