The Homemade Tree – felt penguin ornament

Hello my sweet friends.  It’s Thursday and the last day of our Homemade Tree series.  Today I have what I hope you will agree is the cutest little guy to share with you.
Last year, I showed you this cute little gray chick as part of the ‘deleted scenes’.  Or in other words, posts that didn’t make it to the blog.
This year as I was pulling out all of our Christmas ornaments, this little guy made another appearance. 
So I thought I would share how I made him…
This time, I made him into a little penguin, just
cause we have a thing for penguins in this house…:)
Here is what you will need:
 1 small and 1 medium styrofoam ball
Exacto Knife
2 toothpicks
Hot glue gun
Gray and white felt
Sewing pins
Scrap piece of fabric

1. Take both the small and medium balls and cut the top of each as shown
2. Insert 2 toothpicks into the medium ball
3. Apply hot glue (use low temp glue)
4. Insert small ball onto toothpicks and press to glue together
5. Cut a semi circle a little bigger than the small ball and cut 3 slits along the top
6. Glue onto ball as shown (this will be the front of the head or the face)
7. Cut 12 long gray pieces of felt and 10 long pieces of white felt (long enough to go around the medium ball)
8. Pin or glue 8 of the gray pieces along the back of the medium ball (where the small and the medium balls meet or what will be the neck)
9. Pin 4 of the white pieces at the front of the medium ball (where the small and the medium meet or what will be the neck)
10. Glue 3 of the white pieces perpendicular along the side of the body where the gray and the white meet (see picture)
11. Glue 4 pieces of the gray felt behind the white felt (you should have 8 gray pieces and 4 white pieces running up and down as well as 4 gray pieces and 3 white pieces running sideways (see picture)
12. Take first piece of white and weave over under the other white pieces as shown; continue to do this this until all pieces have been weaved through both front and back
13. Pin or glue pieces down and trim excess
14. Take some of the excess pieces and glue to the back of the head
15. Take some of the excess and glue a strip along the side to hide glue or pins; this will give you a clean looking edge
16. Cut feet, beak and wings and glue onto body; I used 2 pins for the eyes and with a Sharpie, coloured them black or you could glue two small black beads 
17. Take scrap piece of fabric of your choice and wrap around neck and tie as a scarf 
18. Glue or sew string on top of head to hang (not pictured) 

And finally, take a deep breath because you’re done! 

It seems really complicated but it really isn’t once you get the groove of the weaving.  I think these are just such sweet ornaments that would also make great gift toppers. 
Note: It goes without saying that if you will be gifting this to a child, I would recommend gluing instead of pinning.

So what do think?  Too much work?  I guess that’s what makes handmade so special…:)

I hope you enjoyed this mini series.  Don’t forget to come back later tonight when we host HAPPY HOUR once again! 

See you in a few hours! 

much love,


  1. says

    He is so adorable — I just want to hug him! :-) I love that you gave him a scarf, too. After all, I’m sure penguins do get cold. ;-) Thanks so much for sharing, Lucy! I have loved this series all week.

  2. says

    soooo cute. It would also be cute to use this same method to make your little penguin a little Igloo. The woven felt already looks kind of like ice bricks so it’d be perfect.

  3. says

    My gosh- That is really sweet, Lu. You have the best imagination~ xo Diana ps. Pop by if you get a chance and wish my little SweetCheeks a Happy Birthday- she is going to read all the comments.

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