Quick wall art tutorial

A little while ago I had prepared a tutorial of the painting I used for my summer mantel.  As most of you know, I’m not always comfortable sharing my art and have been reluctant to post this, but here goes…

Do you remember the cross stitch painting I used as a backdrop for my Valentine mantel?  While this painting was intended to be used in Bella’s room, it was a little too large for the space so I used the underside of it.

1. Decoupage book pages/newspaper/tissue paper to canvas (you are looking for texture)
2. Paint over paper with large brush using white paint, allowing some of the print from the paper to show through
3. Squirt some brown acrylic paint to lower part of the canvas (I used DecoArt burnt sienna, dried basil and antique gold)
4. With dry brush, brush paint onto canvas being careful not to completely mix the colours together (you want to be able to see a little bit of all of the shades of brown)
side note: I can’t help but to use my hands as a blending tool
5. Add a few drops of various blues to the top portion of the canvas (this will be your water and sky)
6. Brush in a stippling motion to form waves
7. Continue to play with the paint until you are satisfied with the look of your painting. 

I found that the colour was a little too bright so I went back and added a little glaze over it with a rag. 

The tutorial  shows you a diluted version of what goes on while I paint. As usual, art is what you make of it.  There are no rules and creating should bring you a sense of freedom and escape.  If you find that you are becoming frustrated with your results, walk away, have a piece of chocolate (or two) and come back once you’re ready.  Put on whatever music inspires you, have fun with it and get messy.

I recently received an email from a sweet reader, telling me that she enjoys working with watercolor but can’t seem to achieve the results she would like.  But she also ended by saying that she will keep trying.  I love knowing that some of you are inspired to grab your brushes and give it a go knowing that you’ll get it.  Thank you for that..:)

I’m my biggest critic when it comes to my art and after all this time, it still takes a little courage for me to share but I hope that by sharing, you can see how easy it is to create art.  Art, beautiful or otherwise, truly is in the eye of the beholder. 


As usual, thank you for taking the time to visit me. 

Have a beautiful day.

much love,

“Art is the most intense form of individualism the world has  known” – Oscar Wilde

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing. Your work is beautiful!!! I have been wanting to try something like this for a long time now, it has been intimidating, but with your encouragement, I will give it a try. I keep thinking, “It’s just paint, give it a try” but for some reason it has alluded me until now.

    I’ll let you know the results!!! Thanks so much for actually making it attainable!

  2. says

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous…you make it look so easy….now if you could just send me some instructions on how to tame my hair in this humidity you will be my new BFF for LIFE! xo Diana px…please DO NOT suggest gesso!

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing, I completely understand feeling shy about sharing your work. I am so shy that I usually feel unsatisfied and hide it away to change it later.I love your blog, it has helped inspire me to start back blogging after some big life bumps bumped me right out of blogging:-) ….I as still working on the configuration of the blog(as you know I feel everything has to be “just right”) .

  4. says

    You do such an amazing job with your art Lucy. I wish that I had your creativity, but I also appreciate your encouragement to just try it and have some fun!

  5. says

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing. I know what you mean about being uneasy to share your work. However, I am learning that others do enjoy what I do, and I’ve had the awesome opportunity to give some of it away. Keep it up!

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