The best materials in life are free….

The beauty that surrounds us and we often take for granted lends itself for the most beautiful creations.
Nature had been doing most of the work over the years for the waves had gently sanded and collected this beautiful wood.
And today as I took a little walk down the lake shore, it was there waiting for me….
I had purchased this wooden wine box at the dollar store in hopes of painting it some day.  But today, It found a new purpose.

I drilled three holes at the bottom of the box for drainage…

and started by placing the larger pieces of driftwood along the sides of the box.  I had originally thought of attaching them with hot glue, but they would not adhere to the box.  It could have been because the wood was wet and still a little sandy.

So I  nailed them in place instead (which I recommend if your planter will sit outside).

I continued to attach the driftwood and placed the smaller pieces to cover any holes (I personally don’t mind the nails being visible, but if you prefer, you could paint over the heads with brown paint to camouflage them).

And then I had this….
This little well is from a fairy garden the kiddies and I had made last summer (it’s made out of a plastic cap and tini little pebbles glued to it).
And we also made this little turtle out of painted rocks…it’s also tini wini.  I love the name of the plant it sits amongst…’Goldilocks’
This project cost next to nothing as the most important and beautiful material was free.
Tomorrow, I shall walk the shores again and let the sound of the waves inspire me once more.
I hope you are having a beautiful week.
much love,
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  1. says

    What a great looking project! I LOVE IT! And your little stone turtle tucked in there adds just a touch of humor! We are on the shores of Green Bay and I told the hubster yesterday that when he sees wood drift in to pick it up. “I do”..he says…”and then I burn it!” Huh? What? We have to give this boy-o a lesson in re-purposing, I think! xxoo Diana

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing, your planter turned out beautiful…next time you might be inspired to place the driftwood around a mirror creating a frame..I did that and its very nice.

  3. says

    At first glance, I thought you use stones, LOL. Your planter turned out fabulous. I don’t have access to driftwoodl, but I did just go stone picking for my garden, if that counts. It feels great to do projects for next to nothing, doesn’t it.
    Thanks for sharing.

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