Love Notes…

Dear Diary….

Using the same technique I had shown here,  I turned a dollar store notebook into a cute little heart shaped Valentine’s gift.
Tip: After cutting the pages, I used sand paper to get rid of the little loose pieces of paper.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well this step worked.

I then  traced the shape of the book onto a piece of red felt, allowing some extra felt to wrap over the edges.
It was a cloudy day, so I decided to photograph the book outside for better lighting…
…and while taking the pictures it started to snow.
Do you notice the little white snowflakes against the red background…
I am making a couple of these little notebooks for Isabella’s best friends.  They are going to make sweet little Valentine gifts but they could also make a sweet teacher’s gift.
There is a certain someone I know that would love this little book if it was covered with beautiful vintage music sheets, some old lace and perhaps a perfectly imperfect rusty old key as embellishment.  I can picture it now…..sigh!
Red, sweet and pretty…sounds like the perfect craftberry to pick and enjoy, and I hope you did!
Have a beautiful week!
much love,
I’m looking at some great crafts at these linky parties


  1. Dorian says

    Is that certain someone me? Because I know I’d love that. Than again…I think we alll would! You’re super talented Q….love this craft and right now (as always) feeling a big love for you and Bopb.


  2. says

    Hello – I spent quite a bit of time reading through your older posts, and would love to receive your blog updates via e-mail, but don’t see that option available. Can you see if you can get that function added to your blog and e-mail me and let me know you’ve got it functional? I’d love to get your updates via e-mail. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  3. Greg smith says

    Can you make one for me and ship it to me before valentines day. I will gladly pay you very well. Hope you will for me thanks

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