Nature paints perfection and displays it in the World’s gallery for everyone to see….

Monday mornings are usually frowned upon here at our home.

Not because of the dread of Monday duties, but because Monday is the day when our little clan has to separate from each other as we take on our own little endeavours.

This morning however is a holiday in Canada as it is the Thanksgiving weekend. I know, I know…but here in Canada we do things a little differently and we have so much to be thankful for that we celebrate it a little earlier than most. 

But I digress, because this is not your typical Monday for us…no early wake ups…no lunches to be made and I’ve been featured!!! ( can you tell I’m excited?)


Remember my little book pumpkin?  Someone liked it enough to ask me to be a guest blog and I am honoured and so very thrilled as it is my first ‘official’ feature.

Please take a look at lovestiched as there are so many great ideas and so much to see.  

Thanks again for taking the time to read.

Happy Monday (and Thanksgiving)……….much love,


ps. coming soon……….


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