Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What's your style - kitchen edition and a giveaway

Blogging can be a funny little monster at times.  One minute, you can feel really great about a particular creation, an interaction with one of your readers or a feature in a magazine.  Not to mention being surrounded by so many talented bloggers keeps you on your toes and challenges you to step up your game.  A favourite of mine was when I was accepted by the people at Craftgawker (ha).
But there's also the other side of the coin when once in a while you feel as if you don't measure up to the rest of your peers...or worse, you feel as if what you have is not 'blog worthy'.

When approached to do the 'What's Your Style Series', I was hesitant to join as I knew this very day would come.  The day when I had to share our kitchen with the world.
If you have followed along for a while, you may have realized I have never shared our full kitchen tour and that's because well, I don't love it that much.  But I need to be very careful with my words because by no means am I ungrateful for what I have nor do I take for granted the fact that this kitchen is where a lot of memories are being made.

It's just that our tastes have changed and well it needs a little updating. But instead of telling you what I don't love about our kitchen, I will talk about what I do love about it.
 I LOVE all that counter space.
I LOVE all that storage that it provides.
 I LOVE that the sun streams through the windows all day long.
I especially love that as I'm doing dishes, I can watch our kiddies play in the backyard.
 I LOVE that all that light allows me to take pretty
photos as it provides the most beautiful soft glow.
As a matter of fact, most of the photos I share 
on the blog are taken right on this old dinette table.

So although our kitchen is not the kitchen of my
dreams, I have been told that my photos have a dreamy
glow...which makes me LOVE it just the way it is.

But since this is a 'what's your style' post, I'll share
some of the photos I have pinned which strongly suggests that
one day, I will likely be painting our cupboards white.
Check out my Pinterest kitchen board to see more beautiful kitchens like this one.

So there you have it, my kitchen in all its cherry oak glory. 
Is there a particular spot in your home you're not happy with?

Thank you so much for dropping by today!

Please don't forget to visit my other talented friends,
their beautiful kitchens and of course, enter the giveaway
at the end of this post.  There will be two winners!

Tuesday, February 25th
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  1. The white painted cabinets will be such a huge game changer in there Lucy! It will be beautiful! xo Kristin

  2. Oh Lucy..while it is true that white is the 'in' color now, your kitchen is not that bad at all. While I share your sentiment on blogging, I'm never near you at all. In fact, I admire your blog! Your creativity knows no bounds and photography are awesome! I'm far from that. But I blog for making friends world wide. I'm sure you had a reason for blogging when you first started. So, stop feeling bad and please..please..move on and be yourself :)

  3. I totally understand your feelings, Lucy! There are spaces in my home that haven't yet made it to the blog! Your kitchen is not bad at all though!!! It is so open and you are right - all that counter space - amazing!

  4. It's a beautiful kitchen, Lucy and I love that you can appreciate the positive! We definitely have spaces in this old house that I don't love - even a couple that I have made over. Tastes and styles change but changing a perfectly functional kitchen is a bigger and more costly commitment than changing the bed linens and wall paint. In the meantime, embrace making sweet memories and focusing on the good qualities!

  5. I think that you have beautiful cupboards.

  6. Oh my goodness...I could have written this post about my kitchen! I never share it because it "doesn't measure up" (and isn't white or gray!). I LOVE that you shared what you love about yours. It looks a lot like mine...same layout pretty much! I love having all the counter space and storage, but I don't "love" my kitchen...not yet anyways. One day I am going to get that paint brush out and get to work. Thanks for sharing Lucy. I adore your style :)

  7. Well, your photography is downright stunning, I can tell you that! And I've been reading blogs a long time.

  8. You have a luvly kitchen Lucy. it is pretty large and spacious. Mine has never made my blog either... it is a little galley style kitchen , cream in colour and I have a hard time getting good photos. But like yours, it is bright and sunny....
    Some day soon, it will be introduced to blogland.

  9. Aw, Lucy - I always love your honesty and humble spirit. You are so very talented and your photos always take my breath away. A lot of people don't like white kitchens and prefer real wood like your cabinets. I was so nervous the first time I shared my kitchen on my blog thinking people would be horrified that I don't have real cabinets all around or even a dishwasher. Your kitchen is beautiful - it has that Shaker style that I've always loved!

  10. I know one day you will have your dream kitchen that will be even more amazing than your inspiration pics! Enjoy it and your family and your amazing talent! Girl - you've got style!

  11. Your kitchen is lovely! I can relate though. We had a minor remodel last year but it wasn't what I would have chosen. It was a compromise with my husband. So I can relate to not loving my kitchen!

  12. SO proud of you for showing something that isn't your favorite and counting your blessings. Love, love, love you girlie!

  13. What beautiful pictures you shared Lucy. I understand about the kitchen. In our home we sold we had oak cabinets. That was all the rage when we built. As time went on that was no longer my style and getting new cabinets was not an option. We waited and I made subtle changes and then we decided to call Kitchen Magic 17 years later and have them reface our cabinets. Much less costly than buying new and we had a very large kitchen and I just couldn't take on painting them all. Not with MS. We loved how it turned out and then we sold it to downsize and build our new one level home. Too bad it is during t his horrible winter. Check it out on my blog, please and follow along, Thanks.


  14. I'm so with you. I have a very similar looking kitchen to yours, but you're a notch or two up on me! We also have linoleum that's lifting everywhere and I am envious of how much storage you have with all of those cupboards. I'm crossing my fingers we can start our reno this fall!

  15. I love how huge your kitchen is! It will look stunning all white. Love the inspiration ;)

  16. Sounds about like how I feel about my kitchen...and I'm so grateful for your honesty. As The Nester would doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, and it certainly is beautiful!

  17. We have the same medium brown kitchen and this is exactly how I feel about it.We remodeled it 5 years ago and since then my style has changed dramatically.I wish I could go back in time and redo it.We get better with age, ha..? PS: You make gorgeous photos ♥!!Have a lovely week, Lucy!

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