Monday, January 14, 2013

Apple of My Eye Watercolour Tags

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? 

We had a very relaxing weekend, not doing much of anything.  Which is nice to do every once and a while, right? 

I woke up Saturday morning eager to put together a Valentine's mantel, only to change it several times and not like the outcome of any of them.  Needless to say, I became  frustrated and have abandoned that project...for now. 

Because of my failed attempts, I became moody and quickly reached for my watercolours.  Painting has a soothing effect on me, almost instantly calming my nerves. 

I wanted to share a well known watercolor technique called resist.  As the term indicates, the coating resists the paint from penetrating the paper and therefore you are left with a beautiful white silhouette on your paper. 

My watercolor set doesn't have a true red, but luckily you don't need watercolors to achieve a watercolour effect.  I often use watered down acrylics from DecoArt to paint.

Draw desired design and use your resist to cover the areas which you would like to keep white, making sure you allow it to dry completely.  In order for the watercolour to bleed, you have to use a technique called wet on wet.  

Wet your paper with your brush prior to adding paint.  Once the paint touches the paper, the paint will 'run' and give you a beautiful 'bleeding' effect.  Allow paint to dry completely and with you finger tips simply rub the resist off.  It will peel off the paper leaving you with a white image. 

Resist is also known as drawing gum and can be purchased at most art stores. 

Some of these tags are from Canvas Corp. and are so pretty.

These would make such a cute Valentine's gift 
or even a sweet table setting place marker. 

Sweet and tender

Have a beautiful day.

much love,


  1. What pretty tags Lucy! You are so talented.

  2. I love your tags! I especially love that you tagged an apple. What a great way to make an apple look like a really special treat!

  3. Lucy,
    I think your post calmed me today as well.....Thx!

  4. OH how wonderful! My daughter takes an apple everyday to school, she is one of the few children where we live that takes lunch. I think I am going to sit down and make some of these just for her. Make her feel special, and calm me.

    Your posts are alwasy so very lovely!

  5. So pretty!!! My daughter and I have done this with white crayons before too, she loves to paint. Thanks for the inspiration :) Kelly

  6. These are so precious! I am in a watercolor mood today and was so happy to see these cheery little tags! I will keep these in mind for when my daughter is old enough to enjoy them :-)

  7. Cute, cute, cute...idea AND presentation. Blessings- xo Diana

  8. You are an amazing artist Lucy! LOVE those sweet heart tags and the mushroom too!Beautiful photos as ALWAYS <3 !

  9. so adorable!!!

  10. Adorable!!! It needs to go into a little frame.

  11. Soooo sweet and pretty, and isn't it calming to do something like this when everything else seems so chaotic, and out of control...


  12. I've always wanted to learn to create watercolor effects, because they could come in handy. Thank you :)

    Wita @ Design is Yay

  13. all i have to say is simply lovely!


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