A peek into my sketchbook…

Hello sweet friends, I hope you have had a great week.  As I was loading photos into the post today, I hesitated a little fearing scrutiny of the pictures as they seem to magnify every detail and I can certainly spot ‘areas of improvement’.

But that’s what a sketchbook is – a picture diary that allows me to grow and nurture my passion and as I share it and hope it may inspire someone.  

Thank you for your sweet company. I hope to see you later this evening at THE INSPIRATION GALLERY linky party.

much love,


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    When I was in architecture school, I had a professor say that a project (art, architecture or otherwise) is never finished, only abandoned. There is always room for improvement, but I love the glimpses into your sketchbook! These are beautiful.

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    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing! You are extremely talented! I would love to have a girly girl bedroom filled with roses and lots of pink, but my husband is not into it. funny, huh? I am so glad I found your blog a few weeks ago from urban farmgirl!

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    OH MY WORD LUCY, THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely gorgeous! If I could paint anything that even remotely resembled a rosebud, I would be ecstatic, but your are simply beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing! I loved them, and maybe sometime I will get up the courage to attempt some of my own.

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    Well – I would not hesitate to show your sketchbook. These are beautiful. I wish I could do something even remotely close to that.

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