Thursday, December 6, 2012

Linky Party 12

Hello again and welcome to our

Well this has certainly been a busy couple of weeks at our home.  It was such an honour to be part of the Jennifer Rizzo house walk.  I am so humbled by all of the sweet messages and so thankful to have been given the opportunity to participate. 

Prior to the house walk, I shared an easy way to 'cheat' a frame chalkboard and finally revealed our new/old white tree.  I had been hinting at the tree for almost a month, but couldn't reveal until the house walk.  

I also had some exciting news, announcing I had become the newest contributor to the FOLK magazine website.  As with the tree, I had to wait until the appropriate time to share the news.  I am so very excited and honoured to join the 'cast' and hope you will visit me there on Saturday when I reveal my Christmas mantel. 

On the home front, I'm happy to say my schedule is slowly beginning to open up again.  This weekend we will be celebrating my parent's 40th anniversary.  I am so proud of them.  My siblings and I could not have asked for a better couple to show us what a Godly marriage looks like.  We are truly blessed to have them as parents as they have taken care of us through every success and failure in our lives, made sacrifices and have shown us unconditional love.  I am so blessed.

Today I would like to do things a little differently by publicly letting you all know how fortunate I feel to be able to share this little stage with Jaime and Taryn.  They have not only become my blog partners but also become a part of my daily life.  We talk and share each other's news just like 'real' friends.  We are there for one another and have truly seen past the distance that separates us.  I don't have to state the obvious about their beautiful style and talent, so today I'm just going to let their pictures do the talking.  

See what I mean?  They are both so talented! 

And now, the best part....please tell us what you've been up to.
We can't wait to see and share your inspiration.


  1. Thank you for hosting Lucy! I think this is my 1st time joining the party!
    Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  2. Thanks so much for hosting Lucy! I love your gorgeous, fluffy white tree!

  3. Thanks for hosting! I'm loving all the ideas!

  4. Hi Lucy, thank you so much for usual, it's great to link up here.

    Have a great weekend, Nancy

  5. Thank you for hosting. I loved seeing your holiday home tour ... so pretty.

  6. Thanks for hosting, and happy anniversary to your parents.looking forward to seeing your Mantle at Folk.

  7. Hi Lucy, thanks so much for hosting all the fun!

  8. Thank you so much for hosting!! Congrats on contributor at Folk!! That is so awesome. :)

  9. Thank you so much for hosting another great party! Hope your weekend's a good one ;)


  10. Congrats on Folk Magazine! Love what you ladies have been up to this week! Thanks for hosting!...hugs...Debbie

  11. Thanks so much for hosting! Life to the full, Melissa

  12. Thanks for hosting, Lucy!

    How magical that your parents have been together 40 years. I'm nearing the 10 year mark. That's quite an accomplishment.

    Congrats on the FOLK gig...

    Much love,

  13. Thanks for hosting Lucy and ladies.

    I am in love with all of your Christmas decor! So gorgeous. Simple ane perfect. :)


  14. Thanks so much for hosting this fun party, Lucy!

  15. Thanks so much for the link up! Happy weekend! :)

  16. New to your party, Lucy, and I'm looking forward to visiting the other links! Thanks for hosting!

  17. Thank you so much for hosting Lucy! Have a great weekend!

  18. Thank you so much for hosting, I'm so glad to be here as is my first time joining your fun party...very exciting! Happy holidays. I'm your newest follower, hope you honore me following back, thank you in advance.

  19. Thanks for hosting this great link-up! Looking forward to more fresh ideas.

  20. Lucy...I love that white Christmas tree! Thank you for hosting...Happy Holidays!

  21. WOW Lucy, 322 links and you took the time to stop by my blog and leave me a comment! You're so nice!! Thanks so much! And thanks for hosting this great party!
    Besos from Spain


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