Gingerbread Gift Box and Healing

I have tried to start this post several times, but to no avail.  Tried to find the right words to convey my still aching heart while beginning to embrace the healing that must come.  Knowing that moving on does not, can not, mean forgetting.  It is events like this that linger in your mind and make you realize how precious your life and loved ones are.  Therein lies that beacon of light amongst the dark place that was last Friday. 

I have been working on some last minute gifts for teachers and friends and today wanted to share a sweet little box I made.  It’s made just like a gingerbread house, but in a shape of a box. 

These boxes will be gifts for some of my friends and will be holding a little something inside. You can place gift cards, cookies, truffles…etc. 

I used this recipe to make the gingerbread dough and simply cut the various pieces to form a box.  I then used royal icing to ‘glue’ it together just like you would a gingerbread house. 

Tip: Once the pieces are baked but prior to cooling, cut edges to make even (it will save you a lot of headaches, trust me).

Although these are not as perfect as I had envisioned them to be, these little boxes have so much potential don’t you think?

So, with less than a week to go (eek!), are you all done with your Christmas shopping, or are you still doing last minute running around? 

Thank you so much for visiting me today.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

much love,


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    I’m having a hard time getting past this tragedy too. My heart is broken for the families. You are so right … it is a reminder to cherish our loved ones. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lucy.

    I love your gingerbread boxes. I like the way you decorated them. They are so pretty.

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    Out of tragedy often comes good…my prayer is that the good continues each and every day. Your gift box idea is absolutely beautiful and I will Pin it so I never forget the events of last Friday…and as a reminder to always do good…be it a note, donation, visit, hug, or a unique gingerbread gift box filled with something special! Thank you so much for sharing and may our world become kinder!

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    I haven’t been able to post either and every time I start a new post it seems so trivial and I delete it. I’m really behind this year and I’m not even stressed about it.. I think I need to do what you did Lucy and focus my energy on the spirit of the season and what it truly means. Thanks for posting my thoughts exactly and your gingerbread boxes will be such a hit with the lucky recipients:)

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    This is a beautiful project. I especially love the doily wrap. Your creative heart shines you know… Thanks for being here and expressing the pain we all feel for the families of those involved. Take care, and Merry Christmas.

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    Only YOU would come up with such a beautiful little gift presentation “box”. That is just a darling idea, Lucy…and perfect to show teachers how much you love them. Blessings- xo Diana

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